Kayflite is the sole survivor of the great battle between Queen Metallia and Princess Serenity. As the battle began, she ducked out in Metallia's Quarters (now the Mall Of Doom). But by the time she had released herself, Sailor Moon had the Holy Grail and transformed into Super Sailor Moon. They fought only once, and seeing the immense powers of Super Sailor Moon, she realized that Tokyo was no longer within her reach. She went to LA and discovered a few remaining Dark Kingdom warriors -- Niccolite, Samarskite, Scheelite and Cerussite.
When Kayflite finally appeared, she captured the girls and brought them to ReBirth's headquarters. All of the senshi's attacks failed on her, though. Little did they realize that each attempt at attacking her was igniting the resurrection of Metallia! Kayflite then began the process and begged to become the new vessel destined to rule the universe, but when Metallia was resurrected, she had a bigger fish to fry, Roxy! So she killed Kayflite and moved on...

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