Sailor Drama Queen


Element: Gravity
Real Name: Roxanne Spaulding, just call her Roxy
Age: 15
DOB: July 22
Zodiac: Cancer
Fav. Day Of Week: Wednesday
Blood: O
Fav. Animal: Marilyn Manson
Fav. Color: Purple and black, the color of her hair
Fav. Gem: Emerald
Fav. Food: Snickers while drinking Sprite
Least Fav. Food: green beans
Education: private grade school, but she hated it and convinced her parents to finally let her go to public school in time for High School
Fav. Subject: Math (i dunno, shes weird)
Least Fav. Subject: Spanish, shes failed it twice
Excells at: Sailor V, the video game
Dislikes/Has Trouble With: responsibility
Dream: Meeting Sailor Moon, or having a PBJ sandwich, whichever comes first
Color Aura: Deep Violet
Background/Personality: most of the bg is in the education section so, ill just do personality here. She's pretty much a combo of Serena and Raye.  One of her bad habits is that she smokes. She doesnt know who her real mother is either...
KOO KOO NUTTY FUNKYFRESH GRAVITY MAGIC: Random gravity occurance thats bad fer the enemy
TENNIS RACKET, SMACK: SDQ's tennis racket, gleams with energy and flies at the enemy *SMACK* right across the face!
MARVY FAB CRAZY GRAVITY, HOLD: Enemy gets stuck to the floor, unable to move

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