Samarskite & Niccolite

Samarskite and Niccolite are brother and sister. They are rarely seen alone. They had Kayflite set them up with phoney identities as real teenagers. They bug the Sailor Scouts as Samantha and Nick. On the day Sailor Solar got her henshin stick, they saw her transform...

Sam and Nick were killed when Roxy jumped on Niccolite's back in attempt to attack him. Roxy ended up being stuck to his back because of a sticky ooze he was emitting (they were in their montrous form at this time). Niccolite began bashing her into a wall repeatedly, causing Roxy to wail with pain. Sailor Metis saw this and knew there was no other way. She had to call upon the Sword of Fate. She killed Niccolite and sacrificed herself in the process. Upon witnessing this, Samarskite commited suicide.

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