What NOT to Do When Applying

First, and most importantly:

SIM times are at 7:30 (Eastern time) on Thursdays. Attendance is mandatory, with the following exceptions:
a) You let me know ahead of time (NOT hard!)
b) You had an emergency. Family or social. Just tell me why before the next SIM begins.

No connections to any part of the moon kingdom, or relationships with existing senshi (example four) unless you think it's integral to your character, but keep in mind, this SIM is TOTALLY unrelated to the Silver Millennium. Discuss it with me.

No cats. Only because they're plot devices which only the game master uses. Your cat wont be a plot device, you say? Then your character doesn't really need it.

No existing senshi allowed (example six). That includes the Animates' such as Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko and Amazoness Senshi such as Sailor VesVes and the like. NO chibi versions of preexisting characters (example three -- God, isn't that just wrong?!). Also, try not to rip off preexisting Sailors (example one, obviously Hino Rei) or anything from video games (example two).

ALWAYS read the instructions on any application (example one), and be sure to include complete descriptions of your attacks and henshins (if it's a second-level henshin, it should not include the character's name or the word "power;" see Profiles for examples).

Nothing too goofy, or moderishly powerful (examples five and six). If I see any of the latter, I will flame the living crap out of you.

No ice or darkness elementals; we've got PLENTY. And remember to check through existing profiles to be sure you're not using someone's name, birthday, powers, etc. Because sometimes coicidences happen, like having a Mika and a Meka.

If you want us to accept you, try not to come across as a total idiot. I think all the examples illustrate this point almost equally well, but allow me to invite your attention to example three... ::shudders::

Weapons can only be used in conjunction with the character's second-level transformation. If you don't have a second-level transformation, then you don't get a weapon.


Your application will be automatically disqualified if:
-Your character is "Sailor Chibi/Mini" anything.
-Your 'Favorite Gem' is typoed or isn't a real stone.
-Your 'Least Favorite Subject' is Math.
-Your 'Background' is tragic and/or angsty.
-Your element is already used by either one of the current members or by one of the villains, and your attacks seem to be ripped off from them as well.
-The total major typo/grammar error count comes to over 10.
-Your character's design includes large amounts of pink.
-You take the "Background" field to mean "Color Background During Henshin" instead of what it's supposed to be, "Character's Personal History."
-Your character's personality is ripped off from one of the preexisting Sailors.
-Your character's personality can be summed up as "Is nice but has one helluva lousy temper."

Don't sound like an idiot on your application. Why? Because if you do, your application will be bounced from member to member to be laughed at and riffed. Then we will (eventually get around to) post(ing) the riffed version on the site, to be enjoyed by all.

If we email you, email us back promptly, even if the email happens to be a riff of your application.....or rather, especially if it's a riff of your application.


Example #1:
Sailor Red Glare
If you don't read the directions, this could be YOU!!

Example #2:
Sailor Stardust
For the love of whatever deity you worship, please don't rip of Final Fantasy games.

Example #3:
Sailor Mini Mars
That's... just disgusting, really.

Example #4:
Sailor Moonstar
7'11"? I don't think any human is that tall.... O_o

Example #5:
Crappy name, and moderish too...

Example #6:
Sailor Moon
This is why we say to read the rules first.... >_<

Example #7:
O_o What does this even have to do with Sailor Moon?

Example #8:
Sailor Crystal
This one does just about everything we said not to....it's psychic, and an Ice elemental, and sounds moderish, and I'm pretty sure "Surplax" isn't a word, unless it's a new kind of laxative.

Example #9:
Zen Application
Always remember to fill out that form BEFORE hitting 'send'.

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