Senshi: NightStalker
Element: fire,water,lighting,and earth
Real Name: bryan
Age: 11
Fav. Day of Week: labor day
Blood Type: o-
Fav. Animal: tiger
Fav. Color: red
Fav. Gem: diomond
Fav. Food: pizza
Least Fav. Food: carrot
Fav. Subject: spanish
Least Fav. Subject: math
Excells at:
Has Trouble With: mina
Dream: i cant tell you
Color Aura: red
Background: gold
Personality: nice,can be mean,sexy
Powers (three attacks):
super power up
v-slash with sword
Any special skills?: faster that lighting and stronger than all the gravity put together
How did you find us?: surf
Why do you want to join?: yes!!
Are you online often?: no
Anything else?: no What versions of Sailormoon have you seen/read?: good kind