soldier = Obbisan
element = Psychic
realname = Obbi Obbi
age = 5
dob = 11/11/
zodiac = Scorpio
favday = Sunday
blood = O
favanimal = Spider
favcolor = Black
favgem = Topaz
favfood = Ribs
lfavfood = Spinach
favsubj = Science
lfavsubj = English
excell = His psychic abilities, Strategy games
dislike = Being belittled, senshi babysitters
hastrouble = Senshi babysitters
dream = to become complete as Obbiosho
aura = None
Henshin = Obbisan
secondhenshin = none
background = Obbi is from wherabouts unknown. He lost a terrible battle to where he had to become his child form. when he gathers enough energy he can become the powerful Obbiosho once again. personality = Headstrong, a leader. He hates being belittled. He tries to be independent a lot, but due to his age, he needs help from time to time
attacks = PsySlam: Telekineticly picks up objects (at young age, can't pick up heavy objects)
Barriar: withstands attacks well ( at 5, he can't hold it for more than mere seconds)
Teleport: Teleports to another place (at 5, can't go far)
special = flying, mind reading.
howfind = AOL Search
whyjoin = Because I wanna get back into's fun!
onlineoften = Depends
miscellaneous = I may be online during Summer and Winter. I may not make it to the chat.
SMversions = Dic Series, Manga
other = Guestbook RPGs. Can't remember the name...