Senshi: Sailor Mini Mars
Element: Fire
Real Name: Chibi Raye Hino
Age: 6
DOB: 11/17/94
Zodiac: Scorpio
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: AB
Fav. Animal: Cheetah
Fav. Color: Red
Fav. Gem: Ruby and Diamond
Fav. Food: Thai Food and Fuju
Least Fav. Food: Canned asparagus and onion
Fav. Subject: Reading
Least Fav. Subject: English
Excells at: Any sport and music!Im a natural athlete and a great singer!
Dislikes: Television!It seems evil to my cleansed spirit(Im a priestess)
Has Trouble With: Getting my powers right!When I do red fire heart attack I cant get fire to shoot from my septor!
Dream: To become a singer or sports player!
Color Aura: Red
Background: Black
Personality: Sweet and gentle!But wait!Is that true?NO!Im a time bomb waiting to explode!Just watch me when I get mad!
Powers (three attacks):
Red Fire Heart Attack!
Chibi Celestial Fire Surround!
and Killer Fireball Blast!
Any special skills?: Im psychic like my mother Raye!Im also a awesome singer and athlete!
How did you find us?: Surfing the web
Why do you want to join?: It sounds like fun!
Are you online often?: Yes!
Anything else?: Im the youngest scout other then Chibi Chibi!Im only six while Rini and the other Chibies are eight!
What versions of Sailormoon have you seen/read?: All of the Anime AND Manga!