SotNM: Indigo Dawn

SotNM: Indigo Dawn After the defeat of Metallia, the Sailor Team of LA thought that they could just sit back and enjoy life from then on. That all the villains attacked Tokyo. So they had been minding their own business when four girls surrounded by a deep blue aura appeared and began attacking them with youmas. And at the end of each battle, they asked Sailor Aquarius to help them instead of the Sailor Soldiers. Each time she denies it, but something tugs at us as to why they continually ask her...

...what do they want?

Three of the Blue Sisters were purified, and their memories somehow erased. Afterwards, Kefira – the only one of the Blue Sisters still evil – appeared, and battled Lycoris and Aurora; they defeated her, but it cost them their lives. Immediately after the battle, a mysterious man comes, claming to be Emma’s brother Jin. She denies knowing him, but he teleports away with her anyway, taking her back to the future with him. The L.A. Soldiers followed, and discovered that Jin hadn't been lying after all: shortly after she left, Emma had regained her memory, and could verify his tale herself. She told them she had finally found the place where she belonged, and instructed them to leave. Sailor Drama Queen, being, well, Sailor Drama Queen, refused to go unless Emma came with them, and a battle between the Sailors and Emma's siblings ensued. Eventually, Emma's mother Nikki revealed the real reason she needed Emma: If Emma remained in the past, she would not be able to attack the Golden Millennium in her present. It also seemed that she had been possessed by a demonic force known as the 'Blue Flame.' When Nikki revealed that she did not intend to keep Emma alive for long, Jin and Emma turned against her. After a long and fierce battle, Nikki was defeated.

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