Sailor Aquarius
Sailor Aquarius

Element: Water/Wind hybrid
Real Name: Emelia Denmark
Age: 17
DOB: 2/7/84
Zodiac: Aquarius (duh)
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: AB
Fav. Animal: Gophers
Fav. Color: Black
Fav. Gem: Amethyst
Fav. Food: Potatoes
Least Fav. Food: Beef
Fav. Subject: Lunch
Least Fav. Subject: Anything academic
Excells at: Writing, Drawing, music, pouting, making people angry.
Dislikes: People, Goth Boy, when Roxy lassos her and drags her everywhere, AIRPLANES.
Has Trouble With: Flying... lots of stuff. Lacks social skills, can't tell people how she feels.
Dream: To make it.
Color Aura: Dark-Purple/Black
Background: Emma (which isn't her full name, but she hates her full name, so she's not telling NEone what it is) lived in L.A. her entire life. She avoided most people, and for some reason, unknown to her friends, she grew into an angry and resentful teenager. It's very unlikely for her to be friends with Kim, Roxy and the others, and if it were not for her sailor powers, which she does not like, because of the unecessary responsibilty on her part to help a world which never helps her.

Just recently, Emma finally discovered her true roots, as a member of the Aquarians in the future. Although the whole fiasco ended in tragedy, she at least has an older brother out there, that she (hopefully) can depend on...
Personality: Bitter, dripping with sarcasm. Bored with life, she often has to be dragged to places by Roxy. Usually, she'll be wearing a pair of headphones.
Powers (three attacks):
1. Aquarian Tear Drop! Splash! - a water based attack.
2. Aquarian Wind Cycle! Surround! - a wind based attack.
3. Aquarian Empty Jar! Contain! - a shield composed of water and wind, forming an icy barrier of protection.
Also, after the Aquarian incident, Emma's brother gave her his sword, a special Aquarian tool that amplifies the power of Aquarian attacks. It is expected that Emma will someday gain knowledge of the more high level spells that her siblings and mother used.
Skills: Playing the guitar, drawing... she can play flute, piano, and saxophone too, but the guitar is her first love. She also names her instruments, which is kinda weird. Her flute is old, she's had it since 4th grade, so its beat up and the tuning device at the top is screwed up. It's irritating to play, so she named it Ricky Martin since she hates it so much.

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