"Nothing brings out the zest for life like being in imminent danger of losing it."
Alzirr.......drawn by Val (

The most violent and unpredictable of Phoenix Star's followers, Alzirr delights in destruction and bloodshed. It is said that he is behind a string of murders that took place three years ago in L.A., but this is unproven. Phoenix Star has endowed him with the awesome power of the Nightmare, allowing him to use both extremely powerful Dark magic and psychological attacks.

Alzirr is also the most loyal of Phoenix Star's followers, helping her in battle against the Sailors even after the Hope Stone was destroyed. He somehow managed to escape the destruction of Phoenix Star's palace, and confronted the Sailors shortly after the battle, intent on killing them.

However, the day was saved by the L.A. police department, who showed up and attempted to place Alzirr under arrest for numerous counts of arson and murder. He responded by shooting one of them, prompting the rest to open fire and kill him.

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