Phoenix Star

Phoenix Star.....drawn by Val ( A female blue dragon and an extremely powerful mage, Phoenix star was killed two hundred years ago by a quarter-wyvern sorcerer named Cecilio Aurora Zefyrus, who also lost his life in the effort. After death she retained a great deal of her power, but not enough to revive her with the full extent of her abilities intact; thus, she bided her time until she could somehow lay claim to a relic of sufficient power to do the job.

This opportunity came in the form of Lycoris and Aurora's death, and the Children of the Night's recovery of the Pandora's Box. She made a pact with Lycoris and Aurora: She would lend them just enough energy to materialize on the physical plane, and in return, they would use the Hope Stone to revive all three of them, once it had been removed from the Pandora's Box. Just to make sure they would hold up their end of the bargain, she cast a few Control spells on them -- enchantments that would enable her to subtly manipulate them into doing what she wants. Originally, the plan had been that she would free them from the enchantments after being revived, but they've proven so helpful, that she hardly wishes to release them; instead, she's decided that they're going to aid her in her plan to take over the world....

....Too bad she never counted on Lycoris's grandparents, renowned sorcerers Taris and Kiori, showing up. Thanks to their power, Lycoris and Aurora were able to break their bonds and aid in her destruction.

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