Sailor Valentine

Super Sailor Valentine Element: Fire
Real Name: Valerie Pierson
Age: 16
DOB: 12/1/84
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Fav. Day of Week: Friday
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'5"
Fav. Animal: Cats
Fav. Color: Silver
Fav. Gem: Emerald
Fav. Food: Chocolate, egg rolls, and rice
Least Fav. Food: Asparagus, any kind of beans
Fav. Subject: English
Least Fav. Subject: Math
Excells at: Reading, writing, drawing, archery
Dislikes: Doing chores
Has Trouble With: Being pulled away from a book
Dream: To work for a publishing company, while moonlighting as a fantasy writer.
Color Aura: Red
Background: Val lives alone w/ her dad as her mom died in childbirth. Originally from Southampton, England, they moved to L.A. when her dad was offered a promotion.
During the first battle with the Iron Millennium Soldiers, Sailor Nemesis' Stellar Rift attack weakened the dimensional fabric, allowing Kiori's Shadow Rave attack to tear it; nearby objects began to be sucked in. When Valentine was knocked upside the head by Sailor Cyhela, Leah ran over to Valentine to see if she was all right. Unfortunately, a moment later a chair was caught in the rift's vacuum. The chair slammed into Valentine, who was knocked into Leah, and they both went flying into the rift, which was sealed a moment too late by Aurora, Taris, Lycoris, and Kiori. Neither of them have been seen since.
Personality: Val is a nut, and she'll be the first to tell you so. She's fun-loving, generous, and extremely friendly. She's always looking for something to do, and if she can't find anything, she'll start something. She's also a pyro. She loves candles and lamps, and has quite a little collection in her room. Another thing she has a collection of is books. She loves to read, and when she gets herself immersed in a good book, it can be hard to pull her away from it. Sometimes she can act pretty immature, but she's usually fairly level-headed when something needs to be done. She doesn't like people to be unhappy, and will do whatever it takes to cheer them up, even if she has to start making fun of herself. She is fairly self-confident, but she gets upset in the area of her eyesight. She has to wear glasses all the time, and because her prescription's pretty strong, she can't wear contacts. Val is quite happily dating Leah, but she gets *very* jealous if Leah starts flirting with other people, guy or girl. (Jealous is bad. Flammable objects are at risk for spontaneous combustion.) Other than that, their relationship is a good one, and Leah doesn't seem to mind too much that Val's an L.A. Soldier.
Valentine Power!:Chains of little flaming hearts burst from the of the henshin wand and circle around Val's body. The flames all flare up as the chains break apart and the the hearts swirls around closer to Val's body, and the vague shape of her fuku can be seen. A ring of fire then bursts into being at Val's feet. The ring travels upward, and the hearts change into her fuku, complete with tiara. Val reaches up with her right hand as if to adjust her glasses. As soon as her fingers touch her glasses, a tiny band of flames shoot from index finger to thumb before the band races across her glasses, changing them into goggles. Sailor Valentine then smiles and strikes a pose.
Firelight Bright Aura!: Val shoots her right hand skyward, palm open. A ball of fire bursts into existence in the palm of her hand. A shimmering aura quickly spreads from the fireball so that she is now outlined in a fiery-red glow. The aura seems to catch on fire, and the miniscule licks of flame that come off the aura-fire become the outlines of teeny hearts. The fire-hearts swirl around her giving the suggestion of her outfit, and like with her regular henshin, a ring of fire then bursts into being at her feet. The ring travels upward, and the hearts change into her outfit, complete with tiara. She then reaches up with her right hand as if to adjust her glasses (her eyes are closed), but as soon as she touches the glasses, they disappear in a small flash of (fire)light. She opens her eyes and the red tiara stone gleams the same time as her eyes shine red a moment before turning blue again. Smiling, she spins twice before striking a pose.
Cupid Arrow--shoots heart-tipped arrows from her bow.
Flames of Passion--fires fireballs from her hands
Phoenix Flock --holds arms out @ sides, palms up. a stream of fire leaps from one hand to the other before shattering into 10 parakeet-sized phoenixes made of living flame. these adorable little birdies can think for themselves even while following Valentine's mental/vocal commands. true, they can be doused out w/ water, but they are VERY fast, they burn everything they touch--except Valentine--and can even spit little fireballs at enemies.
Broken Heart!: Valentine holds out her left hand in a loose fist. When she says "Broken" she opens her hand. Fire leaps up from her palm and solidifies into a large heart-shape. She pulls back her right hand, dropping her left hand away and stepping into the punch to drive her right fist through the heart as she yells "Heart!" The heart shatters, the pieces becoming like flaming arrowheads that not only inflict slicing wounds to the enemy but also burst into flame if the arrowheads get lodged in the enemy. (Makes a very effective attack when combined with Widow's Flaying Wind.)

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