Hi! and welcome to the update part nobody reads. Updates in gray-purple are ones made since I (Wynd) took over the site, the ones in black are Gen's.

Damn...you know, really, I have been updating. I just never update the update thing. Eheh. So anyway...FINALLY finished new picture of Meka...the old one sucked monkey arse...so yeah. Happyhappy. Go look at her profile. NOW, demmit.

See! Look! I'm mentioning my updates! Anyway, yeah. Fixed some broken links, posted profile for Saira's sister (new character! yaaay!) and...well, I'll get around to scanning/posting her picture at some point today...

Aagh...I really need to start remembering to mention when I update. Um, let's see here. I made some new linking banners; there weren't many before and they all had "Millennium" spelled wrong. (There's 2 n's, guys!) And I FINALLY got a pic of Super Sailor Charon up! Eee! I've been trying to draw a decent one of her for SO LONG!! ^_^

Gyaaaah. Well, the pictures for Lilith, Nemesis, and Themis are up. Except the one for Nemesis is being quite evil...oh well. I'm too tired to mess with it. I think there's a conspiracy between my colored pencils and Tripod. They both seem to hate me. >_<

OH yeah! I rock!! Made up new layout of sorts for villain page. ^_^ And it's one that I don't have to worry about the page outgrowing....though it could be a *bit* longer...oh well. The point is that I haven't done much website design in quite some time, and it's nice to see I still have a knack for it.

Major villain page updates....posted profiles for 5 Stars villains, updated profiles of SuperS villains, and took the nice pretty layout off the page because it was beginning to look quite hideous. It was okay when there were only 3 seasons' worth of villains, but now that there's 5.....yeah. Also added a link to the SIM logs on the main page.

Guess what? I finally updated! I'm almost getting as bad as Gen about it (er, no offense meant there, Gen-kun) but I finally remembered. Updated/added pictures on a few profiles, and I'm gonna go finish that underlining project up if I haven't yet. And posted a profile too....woooow, aren't I cool. Uh, don't answer that.

Kehehehe....I do neglect this part of the site. It's not that I don't update, it's that I don't mention it....REALLY! NEway, I've been going through the senshitachi's profiles and just doing some minor tweaks...nothing big, just underlining some stuff to make them easier to read. Alphebetically, I got through Solar....so any after that aren't done at the moment. Don't worry, they will be. I also finally got around to adding a "background" section to Charon's profile...^_^U...

Well, I TRIED to reword the introduction on the first page. It's not the greatest, but it's better than before and it'll have to do. A few other little tweaks elsewhere.....

Wow........you know, I really haven't been keeping this up-to-date at ALL. We have 3 new members -- Sailors Thor, Wild Dream, and Aria -- and I didn't even mention posting their profiles. Eh-heh. ^_^U. NEway, Silva and I (along with Mina, several other members, and even former member Metis, in some cases) are working on a *secret project*.....yes.....secret......heh heh heh......you'll find out if/when I get around to posting the rest of it.....I'm not telling, oh no.....but let's just say that anyone already pissed at us for posting rejected apps will be even MORE pissed wehn they see what we're working on. >:D

Took down 'Rules', and put up 'What NOT to Do When Applying'. Now we'll wait for the flames to roll in.......

New pic of Charon.......I'm so proud! Her hands actually look right, which is quite the miracle. And I managed to do a background, albeit a light one. Those are balls of energy, not pom-poms.

Put up Orion's profile; added henshin descriptions to Twilight's, Cryptonia's, and Charon's profiles.

Got the S pages up -- villains, story and such -- and did a few 'lil fixes on the other pages. Now watch, I'll go home and they won't work in I.E......>_<.....

Added Cryptonia's profile, and tweaked mine a skosh. Of course, if people don't start COMING soon, it won't matter, because then Silva-chan's going to dissolve the RPG......all my hard work moving this site! ;_;

Did a little tweaking on the member list. I don't know if the Blue Sisters' pages work in Netscape or not, and I won't be finding out for quite awhile since I'm on spring break and my Netscape access is only at school.

Posted the Blue Sisters' profiles, sans pictures since my scanner died. I'll fix it soon. But NEway, that means that the site.....is basically done! ^_^ Yay! Aren't you proud of me? A whole site moved, in just over 10 days! ::longish pause:: Ok, so you're NOT proud of me. Well, screw you. I'M proud of me.

Netscape-proofed the villains section, except for Scheelite's page because it won't cooperate with me. Now all I have to do is finish up the pics of the Blue Sisters.....

Got the first season villain profiles up, and the profiles from the second half of the second season. Had to do a bit of tweaking on the Villains main page cause of AOL's parental controls....not terribly nice of them, ne? I got Roxy & Apollo's profiles up too, just for reference since they're linked in the other profiles. I'm waiting on the profiles for the first half of the second season because I'm re-doing the pictures, the old ones were just so horrible that I couldn't bring myself to re-upload them. Ah well. But hey, after that, the move is complete! ^_^

And today: Wynd learns that Netscape is WAAAAAAY more trouble than it's worth. >_< Went through the entire site and fixed everything where the text was showing up 10 times larger than it needed to be.....never did that in I.E. but I guess Netscape is pickier about coding stuff. Wasn't too bad, though...the Member Profile page still won't work right, font-wise, but OH well. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm getting out of this god-awful fish-smelling library before I pass out.

Got the whole 'Junk RPG sites shouldn't have' section (this one) up, along with all the Sailor profiles (yay!). I'm still procrastinating on the villain profiles, although I'll hopefully get them up by the end of the week. Emphasis on the 'hopefully'. I've been known to put off this sort of thing....>_<....but I DID get the old site's password, which should help, because I want to have this one up before I do the whole "We've Moved!" thing to the old one, and I should do that before I forget the password.....

Got the member profiles main page, the entrance page, the join pages, the story pages, and the mini-sim page all up, within about 3 hours. Guwah.....brainfry setting in.....5....4....3....2....1....O.o

New layout and profiles for the Villains page as we commemorate the end of the R season's storyline. There's still the little matter of the R Story section. All it is is a little blurb so far. SuperGophe donated some nifty pics of Jin and Nikki. Maybe I should put a credit in the credit page... WHEN I GET OFF MAH SWEET ASS!!! Ahahaha... uhm, please don't be offended by that. Also added new attack to Sailor Valentine's profile.

Updated join section and added link to a cool article about rpg's from the ginzushou (i KNOW im not spelling that right, but im lazy) plus! opinions page. God, this page is SO neglected. We arent closed tho, promise!

Updated parts of the page so theyre more current with the new Cloverway dub (i.e., "scouts" was replaced with "soldier"). Updated Apollo's profile.

Added new info to Villains section. As well as a Metallia page. I think Angelfire is reducing the pictures file sizes without my permission. Grr! Or i just did that and forgot. EITHER WAY! I re-ULed some pics. Putting up a Shi page soon... but i dont know where im gonna put it!!

Revamped story section. Also, ive been adding and subracting profiles along the way. I really need to add to this section more as i go along... o.O

Angelfire's having picture UL problems. Thats great. Right when i wanna join hentaiFREEfree and WyndSenshi just announced she's made villain pics that she's gonna scan today... ::smacks forehead::

All new villains section! After next weeks SIM, I'm gonna change the story section, too!

Fiddled with the Villains section a bit. Hope to finish putting up all the R Villains' profiles by the end of this weekend.

Changed Solar's profile to support plot changes. Also, I joined a GM's club and an RPG webring! Hurrah for us! The hit counter is really soaring!

Nova has a new pic that is simply GREAT. Also, Fish Girl has been usirped by Metis, who now holds the record for longest post.

Added Sailor Charon and Libra pics

Added new guestbook and counter. No more stinkin' Guestworld for us! This ones all neat because you can choose a Sailor Scouts' face to stick on with your post.

Okay, I updated pictures and send them to online picture compressing tools a while ago but never got to put up an update for it. I also learned a lot about picture files since then. So pages should be a lot easier to load than they used to. I also tweaked with the HTML of the pages. I dont know if the pages load any faster, but hey, it couldnt hurt. Finally cleared up Sailor Silver Star's attacks. TOTALLY revamped the "How to SIM" page. And on a personal note, i am only one episode away from seeing the entire SailormoonS season! Hooray for me!


Crowd: YAY!

click here to see that old atrocity. AND THATS NOT ALL! I added this kickass tables to every page!!! Do you KNOW how long it took me to figger it out? DO YOU?!?! Well, thats all for now...

Moved Sailor Solar's profile over to Angelfire FINALLY...

Adopted Mini-Black Lady and fixed up tiny problems on index page! Also, not too long ago there was a double-broken-banner problem on EVERY page. But that wasnt my fault! *smile!*

LOTS of little updates along the way. Added extra paragraph to Story page. Changed Sailor Aquarius' page. Changed backgrounds on Story and Profiles pages. Added Sailor Silver Star and Sailor Mimas' profiles. And the Sailor Mimas profile was done in like, two seconds! Im hot to trot on these profiles!

Added Sailor Vulcan's profile for what may be the fastest profile addition ive ever done! yay!

I dont want anyone to ever say I'm lazy when it comes to this stuff ^_^. Added tables to every page, so the words are sufficiently spaced from the left bar of the window. yay! Hey, its these little things that makes this better than other sites. Dont i sound... PRETENTIOUS! YAY! I REMEMBERED THE WORD! Arent i articulant?

Fixed form. Updated the links so that they all flash red. Moved Apollo's profile. FINALLY was able to add Circe's profile. Added a short-but-sweet profile of Tuxedo Mask. Wore a school gym uniform because of no clean clothes and (surprise!) bumped into group of friends at the mall... oy...

Moved partially to Angelfire. I moved to Angelfire because i cant edit the page while under "Mature Teen" status. It sucks a lot, people. But dont worry, this page can only get BETTER under Angelfire. Since it was such a hassle to edit the page in 3.0 because id have to switch to 3.0 everytime i wanted to do it, and the GUI was really hard to use. Especially because 3.0 was so slow and it wasnt IE based. Well, thats all for now. Oh yes, and i added a form! yay!

Added a Join section which includes Create-A-Senshi section and SIM Rules section. The Create-A-Senshi is modeled closely after the one on Crystal Shards which i will link ASAP. I think I'll add "What is a SIM" and "How to SIM" sections.

*sigh* After many MANY attempts at trying to get the message text to be put on a white table, i have given UP! ...until the next time im rilly rilly bored ^_^. Ah well, its all well and good NEway, cept a few complaints. I dunno, others say they can read it fine... myself included! ah well! if yer wondering why you cant read it, you know now! (Altho techniclly (sp?) that means that you can read this, so only the people that werent complaining before are..... GAH! MY BRAINS GONNA EXPLODE!!!

Well, Lots of little updates along the way. The Villains section. Sailor Nova's Profile. The Banner below. And all that groovy hip stuff.

YAY!!! ALL THE PROFILES ARE UP!!! The counter sez we have only had twenty people show up. And i tried to enter this into hometown AOL, but it wont allow advanced HTML which means no guestbook. And when i went under the listing i put it in, i spent an hour looking for it, and i never found it. So then i thought to myself, "If Im getting tired up this, then what is someone who WANTS to join the club going to be like?" So i took it right out of Hometown AOL as soon as i put it in! Also, i figgered out how to do that thing where when you mouse stays on the pic for a while, a little title shows up! Oh, i bet Hometown AOL is just BEGGING to get THIS site on their hands! ^_^

I added a guestbook AND a counter... sorry i seem diestracted right now, but its 3:22 and this is the only time when MTV shows good videos ^_^ Okay, here we go. I spent about an hour tinkering with the HTML of the Guestbook, and came up with nothing. I also tried to make a poll, but then i learned the hard way of why all those people buy from those web tool sites. i needed a place for the poll to go! aw NEway... hey did you notice how cheesy this Harvey Danger video is? Ug... I also got the first three signatures by linking everyone in the club. I gave the Story a better background. Ooo... i need to credit these bg's. I published the Update part. ^_^ and many other things. ACK! NOT ANOTHER N'SYNC VIDEO!!!

Just opened! There are a few scouts missing, but im tired and i wanna go to bed. I'll do advanced HTML like the guestbook tommorow *yawn*. Today i created Profiles, and the Story. -_- zzzzzzzz... thats it... good night *yawn again*

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