Mystical Dragoon Twilight

Twilight Element: Mostly Ice and Darkness, but is skilled with other elements as well.
Real Name: Lycoris Okasawa
Age: 16
Fav. Color: Blue
B-Day: Oct. 28, 1754
Zodiac: Scorpio
Fav. Gem: Labradorite
Blood: ?
Height: 5'2"
Education: Some school in Japan; things happened so she joined the student exchange program to L.A.
Fav. Day: any day there's a full moon
Fav Animal: Dragon
Dream: To find a guy she likes who isn't evil, spoken for, or anyone whom she knows to be a blood relative of hers.
Dislikes/Has Trouble With: Public situations; idiots (mostly because she goes looking for trouble with them.)
Hobbies: Drawing, surfing the net, playing primitive video games, watching anime, listening to music (usually REM), writing
Fav. Food: Potatoes
Least Fav. Food: Guava
Background: The quarter-Wyvernic granddaughter of Lts. Taris Alhena and Kiori Kiorani of the Golden Millennium's First Wyvern Cavalry, Lycoris is descended from the most elite of the kingdom's soldiers. Originally born over 200 years ago, just prior to the first inquisition of Phoenix Star, Lycoris was sent forward through time to once more help protect the Golden Millennium senshi. Even with the help of Cecilio Aurora Zefyrus, the reincarnation of a cousin of hers who was killed fighting Phoenix Star, her job is far from easy; she has already been killed once in the line of duty, but was revived using the Hope Stone.
Personality:Tends to be somewhat on the shy side towards those she doesn't know well, but has no qualms about letting her true strange nature into the full view of those she's close to. Lycoris is a powerful warrior, and sometimes almost sadistic when dispatching of her opponents.
Fav. Subject: Foreign Languages
Least Fav. Subject: Math
Color Aura: deep purple
Strong Points: Writing, drawing to some extent, getting ancient video game systems to work.
Twilight Power!: Says her stereotypical henshin phrase and is surrounded by a field of black energy. The stripes on her torso glow, then spread to form the bodice of her fuku. A pair of batlike wings formed of purple energy burst from her back; she folds them over her torso and they explode outward, the energy curling around her hands, feet, and waist to form the gloves, skirt, etc.
Mystical Dragoon Shift!: Her stripes, except for the ones on her face, begin to glow, then explode off her body in a shower of sparks. The sparks gather and form plates of lavender armor, which reattach to her body. Her facial stripes glow, then spread over her head to form a helmet bearing the image of a striped wyvern. A black aura forms around her, then detaches into the shape of an amphiptere (a type of dragon with no legs and one pair of wings); the black energy flies off in rays, revealing a pike.
Most Often Used Attacks:
Frigidus Irradius: Shoots a blue cone of ice at her foe, usually killing them.
Gaav Flare: An attack she picked up god-knows-where. Worthless against dragons and their goons.
Icicle Assault: Shoots a cluster of ice prisms at her opponent.
Shadow Rave: A beam of powerful black energy that has the added property of being able to cut through almost anything.

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