Sailor Thebe
Sailor Thebe

Sailor Thebe sans costume Soldier: Sailor Thebe
Element: Emotion
Real Name: Julia Nedson
Age: 15
DOB: 4/7/86
Zodiac: Aries
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'5"
Fav. Animal: Cats
Fav. Color: Gray
Fav. Gem: Topaz
Fav. Food: Pizza with pinapple and ham
Least Fav. Food: Carrots
Fav. Subject: Creative Writing
Least Fav. Subject: Home Ec.
Excells at: Playing her cello, conveying her emotions, writing, and predicting impending disaster.
Dislikes: Small children, summers in L.A., little yippy dogs that bite, the color red, and horses.
Has Trouble With: Not freaking out if something goes wrong, getting up in the morning, people who just sit around and do nothing, and homework.
Dream: To become a famous journalist.
Color Aura: Yellow
Background: Julia moved to L.A. from Minneapolis, MN, and it shows in her intolerance to extreme heat. She originally was home-schooled, but then was switched to a public school when the Nedson family moved.
Personality: Very emotional. Julia is quick to judge, eccentric, easily freaked out, prone to hysteria, but very intelligent and good at heart. She falls in love hard and painfully.
Emotion Psychic Metamorphisis!: As Julia yells this phrase, shining metal-looking pieces fly in from all directions as she places her hands in a praying position, fingers about level with her bottom lip. The metal pieces fuse around her, forming a 'shell' that fits to her body, making her look like a shining gray silhouette. Then, after a moment, the shell explodes outward, and her fuku is fully formed, save for her tiara. Her hands shift from their praying positon and go so that her pinky fingers are touching eachother at the middle of her forehead. She moves her fingers outward, and the tiara is formed. Done with a wink and a smile! ^_^
Powers (three attacks):
Thebe Anger Scream!: Sailor Thebe clasps her hands together, yells the attack, and lets out a huge blast of shrieking energy at the opponent.
Thebe Grief Healing: Thebe begins to weep after she says this attack, and her tears partially heal an ally's wounds.
Thebe Laughter Infection!: As Sailor Thebe shouts this attack, the opponent is thrown into a laughing fit that renders it temporarily defenseless.

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