Taris Kiorani

Element: Fire; Fire and Darkness while in Demon Heart
Age: ?
DOB: April 31, 978
Zodiac: Taurus
Fav. Day of Week: Wednesday
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'7"
Fav. Animal: Dragon
Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Gem: Tiger's Eye
Fav. Food: Sukiyaki
Least Fav. Food: Guava
Hobbies:Developing new spells, restoring old armor
Strong points: Inhumanly patient in dealing with preps and idiots
Dislikes: Inventory limits, both on spells and items.
Has Trouble With: Taris has never quite been able to get her Eingiru Taimatsu attack to work as it's supposed to (it takes up far more power to use than it should); also, she's not so good at speaking English, but uses it more than Japanese; she's not very familiar with modern Japanese, either (the dialect she speaks is nearly 1,000 years old and long out of use).
Dream: To die in battle defending the royalty of the Golden Millennium
Color Aura: Green
Background: A Lieutenant in the Golden Millenium's First Wyvern Cavalry, Taris and her wyvern partner Kiori are among the most elite of the Golden Millenium's warriors. Almost singlehandedly responsible for destroying two battalions of the Iron Millenium's best mages, they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the years they have tried to remain close to the Golden Millenium Sailors, in order to protect them, but they have been forced to attend to other issues from time to time -- such as Phoenix Star's first inquisition. Finding themselves unable to perform their duty to the royalty of the Golden Millenium, they sent their nephew and granddaughter -- Cecilio Aurora Zefyrus and Lycoris Okasawa -- into the present to protect the Golden Millenium Sailors until they could follow.
Personality: Somewhat standoffish, Taris prefers the psychological solitude of the battlefield to any other environment. While she can be pleasant towards her allies, her enemies only know her worst side; as Sailor Neith once put it, "When you first meet her, she comes across as the coldest bitch ever to inhabit the solar system, but when you get to know her, you discover that she's also sadistic."
"Dragon Knight Shift!" (usually shared with Kiori) Her standard battle henshin. When she says it, a blue light blazes up around her body, crystallizing into plates of blue armor, with a cluster of spikes on the shoulder blades. Her helmet is similar to Lycoris's, except bearing five horns in a single row.
"Demon Heart Omega!" (usually shared with Kiori) As she says this phrase, a red light pours into her eyes from all around the edges; it coalesces in her irises, and turns the whites of her eyes black as it recedes from them. Her armor turns red, and three pairs of wings formed of pure energy emerge from the spikes on the back. This is her 'berserker' form.
Most often-used attacks:
Blazing Nova - Her aura blazes out red, then forms the shape of a pair of wings as she gathers power for the attack. The aura condenses close to her body as an orb of red energy appears between her hands, then channels into the orb, surrounding it in fire. She says a brief incantation and launches it at the opponent.
Fox Candle - A blue column of fire appears between her hands as she chants the spell; the instant before she attacks, it splits into two orbs which surround her fists, greatly increasing the damage of her physical attacks for a short while.
Seraph Candle - A bolt of fire and electricity.
Demon Heart attacks:
Ragnarok Fang - An enormous pulse of Darkness elemental energy which can be maintained for up to six minutes and spread as far as 500 miles.
Nova Burst - A half-mile-wide beam of non-elemental energy.
White Star - An attack that utilizes the power of the Demon Heart's characteristic berserk rage; too many of these in a stretch, however, will exhaust the emotional reserves necessary to maintain the Demon Heart.

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