senshi = Sailor Stardust
If I recall properly, that's an item from FF7 that casts "Comet2"...
element = space
Do I sense a ripoff of Sailor Charon?
real name = Selphie Lockhart
"Selphie Lockhart"? What is she, the product of a lesbian union between Selphie Tilmitt and Tifa?
GIIIH! That is NOT a mental picture that I wanted.
age = 14
dob = 9/10/86
zodiac = Virgo
fav. day = Saturday
blood = AB
fav. animal = Rabbit
fav. color = Purple
fav. gem = Sapphire
fav. food = Ice Cream
least fav. food = Green Beans
fav. subject = English
least fav. subject = History
excells = school, cooking, singing
Let me count the ripoffs... Eimi, Makoto/Lita, Rei...
And/or Mina, she had the whole 'I wanna be a star!' thing going too.
dislike = homework, chores
That's original.
has trouble = trying to be perfect, is too independant
If only you had tried to be perfect on this application...
dream = to be an actress
aura = blue-violet
background = She was born in Indiana and lived there until she was 11. Then she moved to LA with her parents and three sisters.
Ooh. Interesting.
Indeed. *yawn*
personality = She cares about all life. Kind of a tree-hugger, she would do anything to save a single chipmunk.
Only to watch Aurora catch it and eat it... >:)
Selphie: (in a disgustingly sqeaky voice) Eeep! Oh, my poor precious chipmunk! *sob*
attacks =
Star Dust Glisten-collects energy from the stars and attacks.
Star Solar Glare-blinds opponent for short amounts of time.
Okay, Meteor-san was uncreative enough with his Sailor Solar, but don't be even more uncreative and rip him off.
Star Dust Spread-takes her stardust glisten and splits it into 6 seperate pieces.
Oh, come ON. It's not that hard to come up with attacks.
special = can heal people.
Lord, not ANOTHER one. One will do it, and we already have 2 anyways.....