The Sailorstar Project
The Sailorstar Project

My full title is Lady Marcelle Silvabane Highwind, but you may call me Silva-chan. As host of Sailors of the NEW Millenium, I have had much experience with idiots. The What NOT to Do page is a testament to this fact. However, most of them were harmless, merely providing some annoyance, and something to do in the form of riffing applications. They have taken my actions in good humor (I've yet to see a flame) -- they're not bad people, you see, and I almost feel bad about making sport of them for something that isn't their fault. The key word here being almost. However, once in awhile, a truly bitchy idiot applies, one whom I feel must be flamed and humiliated without mercy. Such is the case of Sailorchennymoon, who applied with the character title of "Sailorstar." I knew I was dealing with a very definite idiot when the application came -- not through the Join page, as it should have, but through a regular email to myself and the co-host (that email has since been lost, but a second draft of the application has been recovered). I wrote her a short email explaining that we weren't accepting any more senshi of the elements she listed (they were changed slightly in the second draft), to which she proceeded to hysterically IM me about how she had never been rejected in her life. It got rather nasty from there, and we had several exchanges before she finally left me alone. Several weeks later, we decided to put together a page on the incident, but discovered that --alas!-- the infamous applications had been lost. Using my other screen name, I cordially IMed her and persuaded her that the staff of SotNM wished to receive another copy of her application (though I am ashamed to say I was rather vague on the reasons). A modified version arrived, and we proceeded to have a good laugh over it. We flamed it --in a rather bitchy fashion, even for us-- and Wynd decided to send Chennymoon the riff -- to which we got a hilarious response. To date, that is all that has happened, but I suspect we might get one or two more emails before this is over. And now, we humbly offer you our records of the event.


Once I realized that the infamous Sailorstar application had been lost for good, I was heartbroken; immediately I took it upon myself to get another copy of the application from Chennymoon. I IMed her, saying that I was a friend of the host, and that Silva-chan had mentioned the Sailorstar app, but said she had lost it. I told Chennymoon that the staff of SotNM would love to have another copy of it. She did eventually send one, which, as you can see, we had fun with. Before that, however, she sent a really crappy character picture, now presumed lost. And thus the saga began anew....



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