SotNM: Stars

After the destruction of Phoenix Star, the Sailors thought that things were finally beginning to wind down... Too bad that's never the case.

Some old enemies of theirs, namely the Iron Millennium Sailor Soldiers, appeared in L.A. in the guise of German exchange students. However, they only maintained this charade long enough to figure out who the Golden Millennium Sailors were; one they had accomplished this, they revealed their true identities and declared war on the Golden Millennium. This action came as a shock indeed, especially since the Iron Millennium Sailors knew full well of the presence of Taris, Kiori, Lycoris, and Aurora...

The Iron Millennium Sailors, when not battling the Golden Millennium Sailors directly, were busy stealing starseeds, for some mysterious purpose. That purpose was revealed to be fuel for the battle systems of Nemesis' ultimate weapon of destruction: the Ragunarokku Engin. Nemesis lured the Golden Millennium Sailors aboard, and revealed how she had acquired the ship: she had traded her immortality to obtain it, so that she could wreak her vengeance upon the Golden Millennium. The other Iron Millennium soldiers, upon hearing this, realized that Nemesis' defeat all those years ago had driven her over the edge; seeing no other course of action, they helped the Golden Millennium Soldiers to destroy her. After Nemesis' defeat, the ship split apart into four parts, and the bridge and part of the crew quarters -- with the Golden and remaining Iron Millennium Sailors aboard -- crashed into the Pacific.After a few days, they figured out how to operate the ship, and used it to travel back to L.A. Shortly after their arrival, the craft was seized by the CIA, and the Sailors were encouraged to forget that it existed.

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