Sailor Solar

Altered by SlrMeteor!Element: Sun
Real Name: Kimberly Talbain
Age: 16
B-Day: December 31
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Height: 5'2"
Fav. Gem: Sapphire
Fav. Color: Blue and Lime Green
Education: Hentai High
Fav. Day: Sunday
Fav Animal: Lion
Dream: To become a fashion model, and be in magazines.
Dislikes/Has Trouble With: People spreading rumors about her, people talking about her behind her back, having to repeat herself, and snotty people.
Hobbies: reading, fixing her hair/makeup/etc.
Fav. Food: Fruit Salad
Least Fav. Food: beets
Background/Personality: Kim used to be the unkown scout, but now that her true identity is revealed she seems more friendly towards her friends and more open. She is now (and always has been) obsessed with her looks and hair. But deep down underneath that she's still a nice person and will help a friend in need.
Fav. Subject: Physical Education & Second languages.
Least Fav. Subject: Biology and Math
Color Aura: Pink
Strong Points: Anything she does by herself, especially Art
Solar Power! Ringlets of orange surround her as she glows a lighter orange. One ring spins around her waist, while the other ring spins around her whole body. (One is vertical, the other is horizontal.) After a few second, the rings burst sending orange sparkles flying everywhere. Once the orange sparkles are gone there stands *TA DA* Sailor Solar.
Helios Sunlight Shimmer! A beam of sunlight envelopes her. The beam gets brighter and brighter untill finally the beam bursts sending little white sparkles flying everywhere. Once the sparkles fade... there you have... *BING* Sailor Solar!! Attacks:
Solar Flash: Temporarily blinds an enemy
Solar Shield: Shields allies for a limited amount of time, she really has to concentrate to hold it
Solar Wind: *ZAPS* an enemy
Solar Healing Blast: When an ally is in trouble or badly hurt, Sailor Solar can give them a boost by healing them with solar energy
Celestial Circle: A white circle of light forms around the enemy. Along the circle are little suns. Soon, a beam of light bursts up around the enemy and bashes them real good!

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