SotNM: SuperS

After the destruction of the Children of the Night, the senshitachi knew that their troubles were just beginning; the Hope Stone, which had now fallen into their possession, was bound to attract more power-hungry lunatics bent on acquiring it for their own ends. Little did they realize that their worst nightmares had already come true... A centuries-old blue dragon named Phoenix Star had brainwashed Lycoris and Aurora, and used them to retrieve the Hope Stone. With its power she intended to dominate the world by using it to control and draw power from reincarnated Golden Millenium sorcerers; however, there was one thing she hadn't counted on....

The appearance of Taris and Kiori!

With their help, Lycoris and Aurora managed to free themselves from Phoenix Star's mind-control spells; they then destroyed the Hope Stone, removing Phoenix Star from her unlimited power source and enabling the Sailors to initiate their second-level henshins using their own power. Joined by Gavin and Niabi, the Sailors managed to defeat Phoenix Star; in desperation, she destroyed herself to try to kill them. However, Taris and Kiori had anticipated this; they teleported the Sailors out of Phoenix Star's palace to avoid the attack. Before the Sailors could begin to celebrate their victory, however, Alzirr appeared. Although badly wounded and shorn of his magic powers, his rage over seeing his one chance at real power slip away made him more dangerous than ever. He was determined to kill the Sailors for what they had done to him; however, before he could injure anyone, he was interrupted by a squadron of officers from the L.A. Police Department. Wishing only to die now that he could not carry out his revenge, Alzirr shot one of the officers, prompting the rest to open fire and kill him.

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