SotNM: Darkness Ascendant

When the Sailors returned from the future, they thought that things had been settled for good... Little did they realize that a far more sinister evil was brewing in the shadows! Drawn by something known as the "Pandora's Box" and the incredible object of power said to be contained within it, four vampires have come to L.A. They secured the Pandora's Box before anyone could determine their true purpose, and with the help of Lycoris Okasawa, recovered the three keys that could open it. Once they had opened the box, and removed from it the Hope Stone, Lycoris turned on them, destroying them almost singlehandedly after attempting to repair her broken trust with the other senshi and bringing them to the battle site. Lycoris then used the Hope Stone's power to revive herself and Aurora, whom, it turns out, had never really been resurrected; they had only been using their powers to manifest temporarily in the physical realm to find the one object with sufficient power to revive them. They collaborated with the vampires, who wanted the Hope Stone's power so they could free the rest of the vampire race from the alternate dimension in which they had been trapped, because they were the only ones who knew how to remove the keys without injuring or killing the target. While Lycoris was explaining this, the monsters that had been sealed with the Hope Stone arose from the Pandora's Box and attacked the senshi. Lycoris called upon the Hope Stone's power to boost the senshi into their second-level transformations, with which they managed to defeat the monsters.

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