Sailor Fury

The daughter of Alzirr Hikarani and Sailor Nemesis. Here's how she came about: Sailor Nemesis, unaware that Saichirou's plot went beyond the destruction of the Golden Millennium soldiers, was willing to help in any way possible -- including procuring a replacement in the event of her failure. She managed to seal Sailor Pluto's powers for five minutes -- just long enough to arrange for a replacement. Nemesis traveled first to the final battle between Phoenix Star and the Golden Millennium Sailors. Working slightly outside the timeline, she stole Alzirr's starseed just before his death, and managed to amplify and preserve it. Then, she revived him from it, and they proceeded to screw like jackrabbits until Nemesis was with child. She removed herself to an entirely different part of the timeline until she gave birth; then, she traveled into her own past, and left her newborn daughter -- Asutsuki Yamino, who would eventually become Sailor Fury -- and Alzirr with her past self. Somehow, the repercussions from this set of events were mild; they not only failed to destroy the universe, but produced no visible effect on the timeline in spite of the massive paradox generated...

Fury, like Alzirr, bears the Golden Millennium soldiers a deep-seated hatred, but despises the surviving Iron Millennium Sailors perhaps a little less. While she is not against killing them for their role in her mother's death, Fury is relatively amenable to the possibility of finding another way to deal with them.

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