userid = SotNM
soldier = Sailor Sirius
element = Shadow
Interesting.....but isn't that sorta like Darkness, an elemental we are certainly not in short supply of?
Exactly. Reason #1 why it's probably not getting in.
realname = Zellan Razi
Nice gender-neutral name...
Dakara.... is this character male?
age = 15
dob = May 31, 1986
Wow. It remembered to put a year/date of birth, *and* it matches the age. Of course, it's 10:00 and I'm highly fried, so that could be wrong.
Nah, it matches.
zodiac = Gemini
favday = Wednesday
blood = B
favanimal = Shark
favcolor = Black
Yaaaah, you suck. Blue's the best. Besides, you probably copied that off my profile. Or maybe I'm paranoid.... Wait a minute, I have Lycoris's favorite color listed as BLACK?? Wynd, change it to blue! Onegai!
Kk. ::does so::
favgem = Amethyst
Could have been copied off Sailor Nova... or, again, maybe I'm paranoid.
favfood = Ravioli
lfavfood = Shrimp, seafood in general
favsubj = English
lfavsubj = Math
Ooh, bad idea....::waits for the wrath of Silva to descend::
"Wrath of Silva"? Just because I automatically disqualify anyone who puts this doesn't necessarily indicate "wrath", per se.... just intolerance.
So maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. ::shrugs::
excell = Art, drawing, writing, all of that language arts stuff
Art, drawing, and writing kick ass. DON'T DEGRADE THEM BY CALLING THEM "STUFF"!!
Language arts don't kick ass when you have Mr. Richardson... >_<
dislike = Arithmetic, too much perfume on a lady, conceited people, vanity.
So in other words, you can't do math because you can't add/subtract/multiply/divide. Boy, you must be stupid.
hastrouble = Guys, algebra
dream = To be an author
Heh, that's what I'd like to be IRL.
Atashi mo! Imagine that. ::even has a novel (series) in the works::
::is the nice uncreative person who does the proofreading/editing for her friends' novels::
aura = Blue, blue-violet, violet-red
You can't have 3 aura colors, pick ONE!
Or I'll pick FOR you!! ......Blue!
Henshin = Star Sirius Power, Make Up!
secondhenshin = Galactic Sirius, Perform!
Descriptions for both?
GIVE US DESCRIPTIONS, OR YOU DON'T GET IN!!! (Not that you would.... you've already been disqualified by your 'least favorite subject'.)
background = blue-black with grey-blue
streaks going diagonally
from corner to corner
::smacks forehead::
Nonono...  We mean, wha'd you do with your life before now?
personality = Shy around new people,
humorous around the ones
she knows well, stubborn,
quiet, gentle
attacks = Shadow Blast: The energy
from the shadows and night
gather in the palm of her
hand to fire an almost
unblockable beam, only
able to be defended against
by a light-based attack (Like
what Jupiter has. i.e:
Supreme thunder, supreme
thunder dragon, et cetera)
I'LL say. Also, Jupiters attacks are ELECTRICITY-BASED, NOT LIGHT-BASED. For Light-based attacks, I'd go with any of Sailor Moon's, although technically her element is Purity.....
Venus, maybe? Some of her later attacks are love-oriented, but her early ones such as "Crescent Beam" are more light-based....
Sirius's Revenge: A ring of
fire surrounds her opponent
as chunks of flaming earth
rain down inside the circle,
crushing or burning the
victim whilst draining Zellan
of her energy.
1) Your element's shadow; how the hell can you have fire/earth powers?
2) Moder!!
Allow me. ::pulls out branding iron with the word "MODER" on it (in large capital letters, like so), heats it with flamethrower, and thrusts it into applicant's forehead:: *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!*  Ooh, that's gotta smart.
Heh heh.... the worse, the better.
special = She has prophetic dreams
which enable her visions of
battles to come and deaths
to prevail.
Yet another psychic, with abilities that make it sould like it should be a host.
::bites her tongue to keep from ranting about how she fought hard to be host and WILL NOT be displaced:: Also, I am DEFINITELY NOT letting you in on where the plot's going!! Spoilers go only to staff and those who need to be briefed because their character has plot importance! I will NOT have anyone giving them out except ME!!
howfind = Surfing the web at 2 am.
Oh, is that how such a crappy app was produced? Or was it just a lack of direction-reading?
whyjoin = Because this gives me
reason to get away from my
family...and it saves me
from boredom and family
gatherings in which my evil
aunt pinches my cheeks
and has this vision that I'm
still 4 years old.
.............  You have family gatherings on Thursdays at 7:30 PM EST??
::raises an eyebrow:: And I thought *my* family was weird. Of course, most of them only speak Greek so it's sorta hard to tell....
onlineoften = Yes...for about 3-4 hours
email =
::blinks:: Okay then.
miscellaneous = AIM: KrazeePanda,
ZDarkLilly, or XGryffinKidX.
Take your pick.
Wow, that's quite a few. ::remembers that *she* has 3 AIM names, and shuts up::
Heh heh....
But I only use 2 of them!
SMversions = Manga, fansub, dubbed,
and oficially subbed.
other =,, Sailor
Angel Senshi