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3 January 2001 ChibichibiSIM

OnlineHost: *** You are in "The NEW Millennium". ***
OnlineHost: OchiroTenshi has entered the room.
SmartBlonde3487: Hihi!
OnlineHost: KitsuneFox4918 has entered the room.
OchiroTenshi: *is scared, won't have her normal font because she is living at a friend's house, and they dun have her font on their comp*
KitsuneFox4918: ::patpats::
SmartBlonde3487: ::patpats::
OchiroTenshi: heh
SmartBlonde3487: ::glares at laptop:: I hate you.
SmartBlonde3487: Laptop): >)
KitsuneFox4918: Oh no, it's been possessed by Kusotare!
SmartBlonde3487: Indeed.
KitsuneFox4918: ::sprinkles holy water on laptop::
OchiroTenshi: XD
SmartBlonde3487: Heh heh...
KitsuneFox4918: Anyway, shall we begin the chibichibi?
SmartBlonde3487: Sure.
KitsuneFox4918: Okie.
KitsuneFox4918: ~~ROLL CALL!~~
SmartBlonde3487: Saira/Co-host/Logger/over-caffeinated person
KitsuneFox4918: Host/Many, many people
SmartBlonde3487: ((Aa...::burns mouth on chai::))
KitsuneFox4918: [[We're... still at Rising Star Terrace!]]
KitsuneFox4918: ~~BEGIN SIM!~~
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::stares interestedly at triple-caffeinated chai::
KitsuneFox4918: A): ::looks through spellbook::
SmartBlonde3487: ::sips triple-caffeinated chai::
OchiroTenshi: ((*has NO idea what to do*))
OchiroTenshi: ((*was away*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Just....hang out.))
KitsuneFox4918: ((be eating something. We're at Rising Star Terrace.))
SmartBlonde3487: ::finishes off chai::
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks around::
OchiroTenshi: ::sips at a decaffinated Pepsi:: ((*shudders* decaffinated....))
OnlineHost: GoldnSpider has entered the room.
SmartBlonde3487: ((Heya.))
OchiroTenshi: ((hewwo))
GoldnSpider: ((Hey.
GoldnSpider: *))
SmartBlonde3487: ((We're just hanging out at Rising Star Terrace...))
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::downs chai, stands up:: Oi, Val! Weren't you going to teach me about chicken fights?
GoldnSpider: Oh yeah!
SmartBlonde3487: Oh gods....I'm glad it's you people and not me.
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): Aww, where's your sense of adventure, Saira?
OchiroTenshi: ...what's a chicken fight?
OchiroTenshi: Is it dangerous?
GoldnSpider: L: No, no, I think you should join us, Saira.
OnlineHost: Gabby2Xena has entered the room.
SmartBlonde3487: Ne, I dunno.....
GoldnSpider: Aw, c'mon!
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::wades into deep-carpeted region, dragging Aurora::
GoldnSpider: L: ::slightly evil grin:: I think it would be in your best interest to join us, Saira.
OchiroTenshi: ::watches, blinks::
SmartBlonde3487: Oh? And why is that?
GoldnSpider: L: Oh, I dunno, a certain picture that could become public knowledge?
SmartBlonde3487: ::pales:: ::grabs Gavin by the arms and wades into carpet::
OchiroTenshi: ::smirks, hides grin::
SmartBlonde3487: I changed my mind.
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::is dragged::
GoldnSpider: ::looks down @ Leah from her vantage point on Leah's shoulders:: You're evil.
OchiroTenshi: ::is glad he can't be blackmailed::
GoldnSpider: L: ::just smiles::
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::climbs up onto Aurora's shoulders::
KitsuneFox4918: L): Ne, what are the rules?
GoldnSpider: The people sitting on the shoulders have to try and knock the other off. Last one standing wins.
SmartBlonde3487: Indeed...I've never played it, only observed, and it's been awhile.
KitsuneFox4918: L): That sounds easy enough. Bring it on!!
SmartBlonde3487: ((laaaag...))
KitsuneFox4918: A): ::big sweatdrop::
GoldnSpider: ((Oy, *someone's* mad... ::reads email::))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Hm?))
GoldnSpider: ((Wynd, Silva, email.))
OchiroTenshi: ((eh...i have no place here, ne?))
SmartBlonde3487: ((You can cheer us on!))
GoldnSpider: ((::fwds to Manima::))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Hai.))
OchiroTenshi: ((see, which ONE though?))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Take your pick.))
OchiroTenshi: ((...greeeat.))
OchiroTenshi: ::is confused:: Why is this so fun?
SmartBlonde3487: ((Heh heh.....::reads email::"Rei is jellious"...mm, jellied Rei!))
GoldnSpider: ((Manima, what's your email again? ^^;;; ))
GoldnSpider: It just is! ^^
OchiroTenshi: ((VioletTenshi@cs.com))
SmartBlonde3487: I'm not entirely sure....but I don't want anyone seeing that picture, LEAH...
KitsuneFox4918: L): Are we gonna fight, or just stand here all day?
GoldnSpider: L: ::innocent look on face::
GoldnSpider: L: Well, is everybody ready?
GoldnSpider: ((Thanks, Manima!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((It's two pairs at a time, right?))
GoldnSpider: ((Sent to Manima))
OnlineHost: Moongoon24 has entered the room.
Moongoon24: ((.........well. Hello everyone.))
OchiroTenshi: ((baibai.))
Moongoon24: ((.....*blinks*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((::blinks::))
KitsuneFox4918: L): I'm ready!
OnlineHost: OchiroTenshi has left the room.
KitsuneFox4918: A): ....I guess I'm ready....
GoldnSpider: Fight!
Moongoon24: ((......))
KitsuneFox4918: L): Heh heh... this will be easy.
Moongoon24: ((....Chicken fighting....Interesting. Well....uh......))
GoldnSpider: L: Oh, and this is a free-for-all. ::wades over to Saira/Gavin::
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::hits Val in the chest with a small blast, knocking her and Leah over::
GoldnSpider: AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
SmartBlonde3487: Eep. ::climbs onto Gavin's shoulders::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::sweatdrops::
GoldnSpider: L: EEEEEEEEEP!!
SmartBlonde3487: Uh, Lycoris, I don't think it works that way....
GoldnSpider: ::Val and Leah vanish into the depths of the carpet::
Moongoon24: ((brb))
GoldnSpider: L: ::muffled voice from.....somewhere:: Did I forget to mention "no powers"?
SmartBlonde3487: ::clings to Gavin, looking nervously at Lycoris::
GoldnSpider: ::muffled voice:: Frellin' hell!
KitsuneFox4918: L): I'll give you the first attack, because I'm so nice.
GoldnSpider: ::swimswims in carpet::
SmartBlonde3487: Leah? Val? Help? Explain it to her!!!!
SmartBlonde3487: ::whimpers::
GoldnSpider: L: ::muffled:: No powers! You try to physically push her off!!!
KitsuneFox4918: L): Oh? Well, that's no fun...
GoldnSpider: ::muffled:: It's to even things out.
SmartBlonde3487: ::nods::
SmartBlonde3487: After all, you have a bit of an advantage otherwise, Lycoris...
KitsuneFox4918: L): No I don't. You have powers too...
GoldnSpider: ::muffled:: Where the frell is the edge of this carpet?
KitsuneFox4918: ((Heh heh... my cat is dreaming.))
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::points:: There.
SmartBlonde3487: Yeah, but I have to henshin to use them!
GoldnSpider: L: ::muffled:: Where? I can't see a bloody---::falls out::.......thing.
GoldnSpider: L: I'm free, free at last!
GoldnSpider: L: Oh, the fluorescent lighting! How I've missed it!
KitsuneFox4918: L): ........
GoldnSpider: L: Hey. Gimme a break!
SmartBlonde3487: So....are we continuing, or....
GoldnSpider: ::muffled:: Yare-yare........
GoldnSpider: L: Y'all can continue, I'm just waiting for Val to surface.
SmartBlonde3487: Erm...::glances uneasily at Lycoris::
KitsuneFox4918: L): Go on, you may have the first attack.
KitsuneFox4918: ((Let me riff the idiot-response first!))
KitsuneFox4918: ((I can send it to ye both next.))
SmartBlonde3487: ATTACK HOW?!? I'm not a sorceress like you, and I'm not henshining!!
GoldnSpider: L: Punch her? And Lycoris, be nice!! Physical attacks only w/o magical augmentation!
SmartBlonde3487: ::lunges forward at Lycoris, nearly falling off:: ::takes a swing at her::
GoldnSpider: ::muffled:: You don't punch them. You try and push them. ::swimswim::
GoldnSpider: L: Punch, push same thing.
GoldnSpider: *push,
GoldnSpider: ::muffled sigh::
SmartBlonde3487: --Eep! ::nearly falls off, clutches Gavin's neck tightly to keep from doing so::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::turns blue::
SmartBlonde3487: oops, sorry. ::loosens her grip::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::takes a few steps closer to Lycoris and Aurora::
GoldnSpider: ((lol))
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::pokes Saira::
SmartBlonde3487: ::shoves Lycoris::
OnlineHost: OchiroTenshi has entered the room.
OchiroTenshi: ((do i HAVE to?))
GoldnSpider: ((Manima-chan!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Aww, come on! Then Meka'll have something to do...))
GoldnSpider: ((Hihi!))
OchiroTenshi: ((...fine...possibly.))
Moongoon24: ((*has been starring at the screen blankly*))
GoldnSpider: ((::has been explaining the game of chicken fight to Meka:: ))
OchiroTenshi: ((FINE. carry on)) So...what's the true point in all this?
GoldnSpider: L: To have fun. ^^
Moongoon24: ((*is just gonna walk in and stare at them and then laugh*)) ::walks in, blinks...giggles:: It sure the hell looks like you all are having fun fun fun.
OchiroTenshi: ...trying to knock someone down?
SmartBlonde3487: ::has one arm wrapped around Gavin's head:: ::swats at Lycoris with the other::
OchiroTenshi: o.o;; Oh my...
Moongoon24: ::looks around:: Where's Val?
GoldnSpider: L: ::points to the carpet::
SmartBlonde3487: ::points at carpet::
GoldnSpider: ::muffled voice:: I'm in here.....somewhere.....
OchiroTenshi: ...::reaches down, pulls her out::
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::catches Saira's arm, begins tickling her::
OchiroTenshi: ^pulls Val out::
KitsuneFox4918: ((The riffs are sent.))
GoldnSpider: ::gasps:: Oh, thank you, Shio-kun!! ::huggles Shio:: I was starting to get worried!
Moongoon24: Well, she's alive anyway...
OchiroTenshi: ::blushes:: You're welcome...
SmartBlonde3487: Keheee! Stop!! ::alternates between trying to knock Lycoris off and trying to keep her away::
GoldnSpider: ::lets go, goes over to Leah::
GoldnSpider: As for you, you could've tried to find me!!
GoldnSpider: L: Eh heh heh..... ::sweatdrops::
KitsuneFox4918: A): ::steps backwards, just as Lycoris leans back (and recall, Lycoris is still holding onto Saira's arm.)::
Moongoon24: ::finds a chair and plops down, crosses legs and watches::
SmartBlonde3487: Gaa-aaah! ::almost is pulled off, wraps her legs around Gavin's neck and hangs between him and Lycoris::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::makes choking noises, begins turning blue::
SmartBlonde3487: ::lets go, falls::
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::tickles Saira some more::
KitsuneFox4918: ((Gah! Lag!!))
OchiroTenshi: ...well, that certainly looks...interesting.
KitsuneFox4918: L): Come play, Shio!
SmartBlonde3487: Meka, Shio! Get over here!
Moongoon24: .....Noooooooooooo way.
SmartBlonde3487: Yes way! ::gets up, goes over to Meka and drags her over::
SmartBlonde3487: ::....into the Carpet of Doom::
Moongoon24: ::eeps:: Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?>
KitsuneFox4918: A): ::drops Lycoris into the carpet:: Forget it. I'm dropping out.
GoldnSpider: Yeah! ::goes to help Saira::
GoldnSpider: Awww....
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::struggles to the surface of the carpet:: Aww, you're no fun.
OchiroTenshi: ...:watches:: Hey, I don't have to perform random acts of brainless semi-violence.
SmartBlonde3487: Oh, and sorry about the whole almost-choking-you-to-death thing, Gavin...
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): Iie.
KitsuneFox4918: L): I feel like stirring up some havoc...
KitsuneFox4918: ((.....Except I only have 7 minutes of time left.))
GoldnSpider: Let's go bother some preps!!
KitsuneFox4918: L): Let's go to the MALL!!
Moongoon24: ::appears on Meka's head, laying down:: Hey Meka, what's a prep?
OchiroTenshi: ...no.
OchiroTenshi: I despise shopping.
Moongoon24: *to Souki* ...dinner.
SmartBlonde3487: Well, it's that or chicken fighting...
KitsuneFox4918: L): Oh, I'm sure you'll find something better to do there.
KitsuneFox4918: L): Like bothering Zuveriu.
Moongoon24: ((*would love to be at the mall right now*))
KitsuneFox4918: L): Or watching him run away from me.
OchiroTenshi: Oh, do I have to?
GoldnSpider: Heh heh heh.....
GoldnSpider: L: Well, Shio, what do you wanna do?
GoldnSpider: Try to take over the world!~
OchiroTenshi: Umm...I don't really have an opinion, but if anything, read.
Moongoon24: O.o;;;;
GoldnSpider: L: ::smacks Val:: Stop being so perky.
SmartBlonde3487: ::stretches:: I have no intention of EVER chicken fighting again::
Moongoon24: ::at Val's comment::*
GoldnSpider: Itai..... ::rubs head::
KitsuneFox4918: L): Nonsense, we're going to the mall. ::teleports everyone out::
OchiroTenshi: ...*sigh*
KitsuneFox4918: [[And we all reappear.... AT THE MALL!!]]
KitsuneFox4918: L): Oh, dear... I hope no one saw that.
GoldnSpider: Saw what?
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::notices several people staring at them.
KitsuneFox4918: ::*
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks around:: Preps to scare, preps to scare....where to find some preps to scare?
KitsuneFox4918: L): Where to find Zuveriu.... ::concentrates for a minute:: ....That way!
KitsuneFox4918: L): Oh, and I think there are some preps there too.
GoldnSpider: Whoo-hoo!
OchiroTenshi: ...::thinks about scaring preps, has a mental struggle as he realizes that that Pepsi he drank WASN'T decaffinated, tries to choose between Goth and Gay guy::
OchiroTenshi: Meka-hime?
OchiroTenshi: One or two?
SmartBlonde3487: Ecchi coffeeshop manager): ::walks past:: ::sees Saira:: AAAAAAAAAAAA!! DON'T KILL ME! ::runs::
GoldnSpider: L: ::smacks Val again::
Moongoon24: ummm....1?
SmartBlonde3487: ::smirks:: Aw, damn. I wanted to beat him into a bloody pulp again.
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::runs off in the direction of Zuveriu/preps, notices the others aren't following her and drags them along::
KitsuneFox4918: ((brb))
SmartBlonde3487: ::waves at ecchi coffeeshop manager as she's dragged:: Bye now!
OnlineHost: KitsuneFox4918 has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: EM): ::screams again::
OchiroTenshi: Okay. ::walks off into Hot Topic, comes back out with a ton of pericings and a black shirt that has Kurt on it, black pants, hair spiked, tips bleached and died red, applying black lipstick with some trouble, face white with make-u
OchiroTenshi: p::
OchiroTenshi: Okay, I'm ready. ::is all ready adjusting to his tongue ring::
OchiroTenshi: I'll have Lycoris heal the pericings later.
Moongoon24: .......
SmartBlonde3487: ::sees Hot Topic, runs in::
GoldnSpider: L: .............................
OchiroTenshi: ::smiles his "smile":: What?
GoldnSpider: L: Nothing.
OchiroTenshi: ::plays with his tongue ring, flicking the loop in his eyebrow::
Moongoon24: *smirks* Hey Shio, greeeeeat look on ya.
SmartBlonde3487: ::comes back out wearing a t-shirt that says "Don't MAKE me get my flying monkeys!" and carrying a large bag::
OchiroTenshi: Oh, of course...::snaps fingers and Fairy dearest is dressed in all black leather, and she's holding a whip:: And there's your TRUE look.
SmartBlonde3487: ::snickers::
GoldnSpider: Ooo, nice........
GoldnSpider: L: H-Hey!!\
GoldnSpider: ::innocent look:: Hm?
SmartBlonde3487: ::fingers one of the several new piercings in her ear:: That's a fun store. ^_^
OchiroTenshi: Yes...
Moongoon24: ................::looks at self and whip::
OnlineHost: MSilvabane has entered the room.
MSilvabane: ((::returns::))
SmartBlonde3487: ((You missed Fun at Hot Topic.))
GoldnSpider: ((Hihi!))
MSilvabane: Zuveriu): ::is working at a cart that sells gothic-esque-looking jewelry::
Moongoon24: ((brb))
OchiroTenshi: ::grins at Souki:: Well....I'm going to borrow Meka for a moment. ::hands his new black lipstick to Meka:: Help?
MSilvabane: L): ::runs over to cart and begins looking at stuff::
SmartBlonde3487: Oh, allow me. ::goes over, draws a large smily face on Shio's face w/ the lipstick::
SmartBlonde3487: ::grins evilly:: There ya go.
GoldnSpider: ::follows Lycoris::
OchiroTenshi: ...::sighs, wipes it off, reapplies the white face make-up::
SmartBlonde3487: Aww...
SmartBlonde3487: ::follows Val::
Moongoon24: ::grabs the lipstick:: Stay still Shio.
MSilvabane: L): Hey, Shio! Come here! They've got a dragon pendant that'd look great with your outfit!
GoldnSpider: L: ::follows Saira::
OchiroTenshi: ::waits for Meka to finish::
Moongoon24: ::finishes::
GoldnSpider: ((::sings:: We're following the leader, the leader, the leader.....))
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks through jewelry::
MSilvabane: Z): ::appears from around the other side of the cart:: May I help you? ::recognizes them, eyes go cold:: Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in.
SmartBlonde3487: ::glares at him:: Always pleasant.
Moongoon24: ::walks over:: Well, considering Lycoris is a kitty....
OchiroTenshi: ::goes over to the stand, gothic=esque/punk looking:: Yo? ::sees Zuveriu, sees if he can recognize him through his "new look", 20 peircings and all::
Silvabane: Z): ::raises eyebrow at Shio:: What happened to you, did you wander across the archery range over yonder? ::points to archery range across the hall::
GoldnSpider: ::perks up:: Archery range?????
OchiroTenshi: ::smirks:: No, just out scaring preps.
GoldnSpider: L: ::also perks up:: Where??????
MSilvabane: Z): That's about the only thing you could scare....
MSilvabane: Z): You're utterly pathetic, Chishio.
GoldnSpider: L: ::goes up to Zuveriu:: Where's the archery range again?????
OchiroTenshi: ::is too laid back:: Me? Pthetic? At least I haven't fallen for the Demon Heart Omega!
MSilvabane: Z): ::points to archery range::
OchiroTenshi: I'd rather face my enemy and die a soldier's death then turn tail and run.
GoldnSpider: L: YEEEEEE!!!!!! ::runs there::
MSilvabane: Z): ::narrows his eyes:: Hard to believe such words from an incestuous fruit like yourself.
OchiroTenshi: Explain.
GoldnSpider: ::follows with much haste::
Moongoon24: ::starring at Zuveriu::
Moongoon24: ::yawns::
MSilvabane: ((Remember the profile, Manima?))
SmartBlonde3487: ::watches Shio and Zuveriu, looking a bit nervous:: Well, aren't you two on friendly terms...I'll be.....leaving now....
OchiroTenshi: ::swallows hard:: I...it wasn't my fault.
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks around:: ::goes into Abercrombie and Fitch::
SmartBlonde3487: ::a few seconds pass::
SmartBlonde3487: ::screaming preps run out of store en masse::
Moongoon24: ::looks from Shio to Zuveriu, listening::
MSilvabane: Z): Like hell it wasn't. And who's that behind you.... Well, if it isn't the biggest slut of all... Lycoris, who sleeps with Vampires, arsonists, and her own cousin...
GoldnSpider: Ooo, target practice! ::aims @ preps::
MSilvabane: L): Entirely wrong about the last two, I'm afraid. ::glares::
MSilvabane: ((Gah, I gtg!))
SmartBlonde3487: ::runs out of A & F after them:: AHAHAHAHAHA!
GoldnSpider: L: ::pulls Val's arrow away:: Nono. I dont want you going to jail.
GoldnSpider: ((Baibai!))
MSilvabane: ((I guess we'll continue Zuveriu and Shio's fight tomorrow.))
Moongoon24: ((ja))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Bye!))
OchiroTenshi: ((kk, ja.))
MSilvabane: ((If everyone's on.))
OnlineHost: OchiroTenshi has left the room.
MSilvabane: ((Ja-ne!))
MSilvabane: ((Have fun riffing, Val, Wynd!))
OnlineHost: MSilvabane has left the room.
OnlineHost: GoldnSpider has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: Preps): ::head back into A & F, whining::
SmartBlonde3487: ::laughs evilly::
Moongoon24: *blinks* Seems you are all happy hurting people and yet you are senshi.....::shakes head::
SmartBlonde3487: I'm not hurting them! Just scaring them.
SmartBlonde3487: There's a difference. ^_^
Moongoon24: ....Ah. Well. Anyway....
Moongoon24: ::stretches::
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks around:: Hm.....now where to go....
SmartBlonde3487: FOOD COURT! ::runs off in that direction::
Moongoon24: ::sweatbeads and follows::
Moongoon24: ((should we just end there?))
SmartBlonde3487: ((let's see if Val returns))
SmartBlonde3487: ((.................))
SmartBlonde3487: ~~END CHIBICHIBISIM!~~

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