SotNM: Rokuban

After the incident with the Iron Millennium soldiers, the L.A. Sailors were resigned to the fact that regular villain attacks were pretty much a part of their life. However, they now had the remaining Iron Millennium Sailors to help them. Even this new alliance couldn't prepare them for one development, however...This time, they not only had to protect the villain's targets: they were the targets. Saichirou Lazare, brother of the warlord who had indirectly caused the initial conflict between the Golden and Iron Millennia, is out for blood. Not just anyone's, either: he intends to destroy all four sets of Sailors -- Golden Millennium, Silver Millennium, Iron Millennium, and Starlights -- to avenge his brother's death. He has gathered a powerful team of warriors to help him, all with their own personal grievances against the Sailors, and has gathered and reassembled the four components of the Ragunarokku Engin. Now, his only major choice is how his prey dies. Do the Sailor Soldiers stand a chance...?

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