senshi = Sailor Red Glare
element = Dark/Fire
real name = Nga
Nga? That's, um, different. And have you ever heard of such a thing as a last name?
That sounds like one of those swallowing sounds in cheap kids shows
age = 16
dob = 7/3/73
The age and birthdates don't correspond. Congrats, you look like an idiot.
no no no, she looks 16, but is actually 28, she got held backa few years, like 12...
zodiac = Cancer
fav. day = Monday
blood = o
fav. animal = Crows
This, coupled with the element, should have been a warning that this was a ripoff of Mars....
crows are awesome! they're sleek and black and piss the hell outta my mom!
fav. color = Purple/Red
Also happens to be the color of Mars's fuku...
fav. gem = Rubys
fav. food = Japanese Noddels
Euw! Nastynastynasty!..... Oh, wait, that's just a typo.
least fav. food = beans
fav subject = ~none~
at least she wasn't infinitly creative and say "Recess" or "Lunch"
least fav. subj = all
has trouble = all thing in school
It shows.
'All thing in school'? Why does that not surprise me......
even break and lunch? is she anorexic or a compulsive eater or something?
dream = to get merried
'Merried'? I don't think same-sex marriages are legal in most states.....
aura = dark purple
excell = cheerfulness,soccer.
Euw... perkiness is evil.
So is soccer, for that matter.
dislike = snudy people
As opposed to "snooty" people...
flash back to the "bad at everything in school" part again...
Henshin = star glare power
STAR glare power? Wouldn't the primary henshin be RED glare power?
background = Nag henshi has lots of friend, her dad and mom deid when she was 8 and lives with her grandpa
1) Is her name Nag or N'ga?
2) Her last name is "HENSHI"?
3) The whole thing is a ripoff of Hino Rei....
Lots of friend? Makes friends sound like some sort of product. "Friend -- Buy some today! Coming to a convenience store near you." It also seems that her supposedly deceased parents live with her grandpa, or it reads that way, at any rate. I don't see how that could be, unless people who have 'deid' are different from those who have DIED...or unless they're keeping the petrified bodies in the basement. Yum.
i'm not even going there, thats WAY too easy...
personality = pritty, funny, kinda smart, and cheerful.
What does "pritty" mean? Whatever it is, it doesn't sound like an aspect of personality....
as soon as she puts a different kind of punctuation, it's wrong. Maybe she wanted to say 'pretty funny' such as she laughs at her own jokes but nobody else does. But wait! She would have had to learn about grammar to do something that smart...
attacks =
red glare persuit in flames
Nah, I think I'll have my suit with a blue glare...
And just what IS a persuit? Or do I not want to know?
another thing that's too easy to touch...
dark red fire
Such a creative attack name...
now i just feel sorry for morons like her...
God, the creativity is just STIFLING....
dark thander crash "Thander"? Sounds dirty...
ya know, they should make a new device for mothers to keep from dropping their children on their heads, it has screwed so many of our potential scouts...
special = soccer
That'll be a big help in your career as a Sailor Senshi.