userid = SotNM
> soldier = rainbow
> So it's not called "Sailor Rainbow." It's just called "rainbow."
> element = water and light
> Then why call it *Rainbow*?
> realname = Lisa Rose
> age = 12
> For the sake of plot convenience, you have to be 14 or older, so that you can go to the same school as the rest of the cast.
> dob = 3/26/89
> zodiac = ???
> So she knows her birthdate, but not her zodiac? -_-U how retarded can you get....
> ::Gets a wand and slaps her on the head:: Out! Out, you demons of stupidity!
Can we say, stupid? Stupid, everyone together now....Stupid
> favday = Friday
> blood = O-
> favanimal = Frogs
> favcolor =
> Okay, what the hell kind of shade is "midn."?
Is it one of those scratch and sniff colors? Like mint or something?
> favgem = Rinstone
> Never heard of it. And if this is supposed to be *rhinestone*, it's not a gem. It's glass or plastic that *looks* like a gem.
> Oh dear...
A crappy fake gem for a crappy character's app. How appropriate.
> favfood = cotten candy
> As opposed to *cotton* candy.
> Is that something like a Q-tip?
> lfavfood = sremp
> Do I even what to know what that is? >_O (Maybe there's a reason why it's her least favorite food....)
> favsubj = P.E.
> lfavsubj = math
> excell = art and sports.
> dislike = realy hot days and being alone
> Oh, so you don't like hot days? ::pulls out flamethrower:: Well that's too bad, 'cause things are about to get one hell of a lot hotter around here!
you're living in LA, and you can't stand the heat??? >.<
Then move to Alaska if you can't stand the heat....
> hastrouble = keeping tarck of time she is always late for some thing and she can't remember what day things are.
> That made no sense.
> ::Blinks:: That kinda sounds like the same problem Sailor Moon/Usagi has...
And what exactly is a tarck?
Is that some form of kind of other language she's speaking?
> dream = to be a mom of three and a singer
> ::smacks forehead:: Not ANOTHER singer! And a 12-year-old who wants to have 3 kids? O_o Now that's just scary.
> Sounds like trailor trash in the making...::Shudders::
::starts singing that one really stupid song from the dub:: I WANNA BE A STAAAAR, STAAAAR, STAAAAR!.......::pauses and grins evilly::
I got one word...or maybe two....wait...its four! "Baby Think It Over"
aura = white
> Isn't that kinda odd for someone with a name "Sailor Rainbow" to have a hue challenged aura?
Wait...white is all the colors together, hense the suppose we have to give her some credit for that.
No, we don't.
> Henshin = rainbow blinding light is just what it sounds like a blast of light in every color of the rainbow that blinds only the evel
> Excuse me, you idiot, that's an attack, not a henshin. I take it we're dealing with a dubbie here....
> *Evil* Why do people do such weird things? ::Sighs::
Never attempt to understand the actions of idiots.
> secondhenshin = water sprits stispers where the sprits of the water are called apone and saround you then chrash into what ever they are stipers apone with the power ofa tiphon
> Uh....sure. Whatever you say. Still sounds like an attack to me.
> *Surrounds*Go back to school, learn to spell and use proper grammar, I give up on decoding what you wrote.
> That is the most typos I have EVER seen in one sentence. Congratulations. ::roasts you with her flamethrower:: Your trophy will arrive in 7-10...........::pokes body with foot::..........uh, never mind. ^_^
::whimpers, covers eyes:: i can't read much more of this! ::stands up, strikes a pose:: as a first year english major, i can't forgive--Wy-ynd! *i* wanted to flame-broil them!
Anyone mind translating?
<< > background = she was bron in L.A. but when she was 5 her dad's job moved them to
> So technically, she was never *born.*
I wish.
> Brazil and liveing there for three yaers is why she has a love for anamlas. when she
> As opposed to *living* there for three *years* and loving *animals*.... Yech, that's a disturbing image.
O_o YECH! Nasty.........I hate my mental pictures.
when you think about the animals in Brazil (jaguars, anacondas, etc) it's amazing her parents would let a 5-7 yr old out of their site, let alone let her "meet the natives"
Well she hates the heat...but moves to Brazil? I'm a little confused....
> was 8 her mom and dad sent her to Paris,France where got into art.when she was 9 her mom's job moved her to Totokyo where she got into sports.when she was 11 her
> "Totokyo?" What is that supposed to be, a Japanese city named after Dorothy's dog? Or perhaps it's named for the Toto toilet company, in which case, euw.
> mom and dad's jobs moved them to Egypt where she lreaned about the history of
> Okay, why the hell are her parents travelling so much unless they're > convicts or assassins?
> Egypt and where she got her first and last tast of sremp. when she was 12 her mom and dad sent her back home to live with her grandma
> Joy.
> I have but two words for you...SPELL CHECK!!!! AHHHH!!
So whatever the hell 'sremp' is, it seems to be egyptian........And they finally sent her back to live her her grandma? What, were the authorities catching up with them? >>
question: if she can't stand hot days, how did she survive being in Brazil, Paris (which is hell in summer), and Egypt?
maybe we should get her to translate that for us....
> personality = realy nice smart and funny just easy to get along with
> I'm guessing that "nice smart" is different from "smart," since that's > something you're definitely not.
not only can you not spell, you know nothing of punctuation.
With that many typos she can consider herself smart? How 'bout "Special?"
> attacks = rainbow blinding light,water sprits stispers and rainbow light bomb
> Descriptions?
> ::Sighs:: Least she got the background right..but that's about it..
What kind of freakish attack is 'water sprits stispers'? What does that even mean?
Um...someone mind telling me what a stisper is?....
> special = art and she kwon alot about world history and ecanonmic and she know 5 different lauchech
> What the hell is a "lauchech"? Do I even want to know?
> ::Gets something to write with and grins as she writes 'Reject' on it::
::eyes get weird:: I....don'
::starts flicking lighter, stares @ flame intensely:: flame flares up, flame goes out. flame flares up, flame goes out. flame flares up....
::hisses angrily:: This has gone on long enough....::clenches her fists in anger::
> howfind = just looking around
> whyjoin = because I've made up many sailors
> And you decided to send us your worst one, is that it?
Tell us this is just a joke....please?
I really, really hope it is. >>
::nods VERY emphatically::
::jumps up and down happily:: Yay, it's over!
> onlineoften = yes
> email =
> ANOTHER one who ignored the "No AOL/AIM, no join" thing....
> I beginning to think people are to lazy to read anymore.
> O_o NOOO!!! This application is so bad, Velvet-san's brain has actually > degenerated from reading it!
dont bE sttuped, braens cant degarenorete.....^_~ >
""? they want to be like rini, the only thing worse than chibiusa?? ::dies::
> miscellaneous = no
> You can leave this blank. -_-U
> Make the torture stop.. X.X
> SMversions = I think I've seen most of them and the ones I haven't seen I > know the story line of.
> Note that we asked what *version*, not what episodes.
> ::begins to sing:: If you only had a brain..
It thinks it's seen most of them? Well, that DEFINATELY means it's a dubbie. If it had paid for subtitled tapes, it would know.
> other = none
> Thanks for sharing.
> Can nothing be simple and understandable? -.-()
Not when idiots are involved.
Anyone else a bit scared that people like that are out there and want to be Sailor scouts?....
::ghost gags from beyond the grave::