Sailor Puma Sailor Puma
Element: Cats
Real Name: Harriet Cougar
Age: 17
DOB: February 1st, 1985
Zodiac: Aquarius
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'10"
Fav. Animal: Whtie Tiger
Fav. Color: White
Fav. Gem: Diamond
Fav. Food: Orange juice
Least Fav. Food: Turnips
Fav. Subject:Physical Education
Least Fav. Subject: Home economics
Excells at: Gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, fencing.
Dislikes: Being teased.
Has Trouble With: Poking fun at herself.
Dream:To be an Olympic gymnast or to make it into the WNBA.
Color Aura: Brown-orange
Background: Harriet is called that only by her parents, she prefers to be called Harry as she hates her name. She thinks "Harriet" is a wimpy-ass name.
Harry and her parents moved from Sacramento, CA, where Harry had lived all of her life, to Los Angeles. Harry's none too pleased with the move as she's left all her friends behind. But she'll survive.
Personality: Stubborn and friendly, she likes to tease people but gets very defensive if others tease her. She endured almost non-stop harrassment because of her naturally white hair and bristles if she even *thinks* someone is making fun of her.
Puma Power Transform! - Harry's fingernails glow brown-orange before they turn steel-gray. She spins around, hands out and fingers spread, with brown-orange energy "wires" spinning out from her nails. The wires become a glowing cocoon that encloses her. There's a flash of light, and Sailor Puma strikes a pose.
Devil Cat Arise! - Harry lets out a howl that causes the third eye to appear on her forehead and her fingernails to shine before they become steel. The third eye flares with brown-orange light, and the energy wires appear and wrap around her, forming her fuku. Once the fuku is formed, the third eye closes and the tiara forms on her forehead. (Super) Sailor Puma draws her knives as she spins once, then immediately takes a fighting stance as her pose.
Mountain Lion Scream! - Puma lets out a sound that is the exact mimic of a mountain lion's scream. This attack's sound waves are enough to paralize the enemy for up to a minute. The side effect is the sound really hurts everyone else's ears (except Puma's). Kinda like the audio equivalent to Solar's Solar Flash.
Steel Claw Slash! - When Puma transforms, her fingernails take on the color and composition of steel. By themselves the nails can do some extreme damage. With this attack Puma slashes her hand(s) in the direction of the enemy, and five thick wires of energy fly out. If the wires make contact with the enemy, they inflict the same kind of damage that her nails would have if they had come into direct contact with the enemy.
Cat's Eye - The tiara jewel transforms into a third eye on Puma's forehead that's just as useful as her regular two eyes. This eye can do either one of two things: generate a powerful energy beam that blasts the enemy ("Cat's Eye Blast") or it enables all 3 of Puma's eyes to let her see as well in the dark as she would in the daytime ("Cat's Eye See").
Any special skills?: This isn't a skill, but she's extremely flexible (she is a gymnast), and her knife-fighting skills are unsurpassed.

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