Psyche Knight

Element: Mind
Real Name: Phil Warren
Age: 15
DOB: 6/17/86
Zodiac: Gemini
Fav. Day of Week: Friday
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'7"
Fav. Animal: Wolves
Fav. Color: White
Fav. Gem: Emerald
Fav. Food: French Fries dipped in a combo of Honey Mustard and Mayo.
Least Fav. Food: Beets
Fav. Subject: Literature/Writing classes
Least Fav. Subject: Foreign Language (Latin...eek.)
Excells at: Writing
Dislikes: When girls scream really loud.
Has Trouble With: Public speaking.
Dream: Write a series of Fantasy Books.
Color Aura: Grayish-Purplish
Personality: Will try anything once, unless it's in public. When with friends he really isn't shy or anything. He's a bit arrogent though, kind of gives a bad name to blondes.
"Psyche Knight Power!" The fist form of transformation, two laser-light shoot behind him forming an X. One is the color of his aura the other is white. When the X if formed completely a large flash of white light blasts and there stands the Psyche Knight.
"Mentality Soul Formation" This is the secondary form of transformation. Different lasers (either white or aura colored) shoot in ever which direction around him. They speed up and rush around him in a circular pattern. After a few seconds the lights burst outwards forming white sparkles, and there he stands transformed fully.
"Psyche Ball" As he shouts this he his hands together, palms facing outwards. He looks away and shuts his eyes nervously while little white sparkles appear in the center os his palms. After he finishes shouting the name of his attack, a large white ball with purplish sparkled trailing behind it flies towards his enemy.
"Psyche Flare!" He lifts his left arm upwards as he shouts the name of his attack. Once he finishes with the name, he shoouts a tremendous amount of Purple Colored Flames at his enemy.
Any special skills?: Enhanced mind abilities, such as being to do fire readings and stuff that REALLY work! ^_^

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