Sailor Pisces

Element: Ocean
Real Name: Sheila Rivers
Age: 17
DOB: March 15th, 1985
Zodiac: Pisces
Fav. Day of Week: Tuesday
Blood Type: A+
Height: 5'7"
Fav. Animal: Dolphin
Fav. Color: Dark blue
Fav. Gem: Blue diamonds
Fav. Food: Caramel apples
Least Fav. Food: Any seafood
Fav. Subject: Biology
Least Fav. Subject: Economics
Excells at: Making people laugh, helping others with their problems, dealing with animals.
Dislikes: People who disrespect the environment, children who have no manners, fishermen.
Has Trouble With: Expressing her emotions- although she can help other people through emotional times, she has a very hard time dealing with her own emotions. She's also quite nervous around fire- she dislikes any form of flame to be near her.
Dream: To live in a marine institute and work with sea animals.
Color Aura: Indigo
Background: Sheila was born in a small town on the Florida coast called Cape Canaveral. She grew up living near the ocean and has felt a connection with it her whole life. As she grew older, she began taking courses in marine biology and excelled in the field. After three years of an hour long bus ride from her house to a school with a decent biology program, Sheila heard about a new program Hentai High was offering that claimed to be the best in the country. After a long summer of working almost nonstop, she finally saved up enough money to take a stab at independence. She reluctantly left her parents and moved cross-country to L.A., where she enrolled at Hentai High. Life on the Pacific coast is very different from her life on the Atlantic, but Sheila is determined to succeed and achieve her dream.
Personality: Everybody knows somebody like Sheila. She's the one sitting in a corner reading a book or doodling on a piece of paper who you think isn't listening to a word of your conversation until she lets fly with a one-liner that will make your ears burn. Sheila has a natural sense of humor and can amuse anybody. But her sly exterior and honey-drawl Southern accent hide a confused girl who is still not sure exactly what her purpose is in the world. She makes friends easily, but she rarely, if ever, gets close to anyone.
"Pisces Power!" - A wave shoots out from her henshin locket and splashes around her torso. Her fuku blouse appears as the wave splits in two, crashing over the top and bottom parts of her body. The bottom wave forms her fuku shirt and heeled shoes, while the top wave forms her tiara and earrings. She opens her eyes, smiles slyly and strikes a pose.
"Tsunami Depth!" - Sheila closes her eyes and places her arms over her chest. From under her feet, chilly water begins to flow, surrounding her in a seeming cage of water. Her eyes open and the water dissipates, leaving her encased in her senshi fuku. She tosses her hair and looks over her left shoulder as she strikes her henshin pose.
"Whirlpool Crush!" - An attack of medium strength, Pisces clasps her hands together and water energy begins to circle around them. She extends her arms and opens her hands. The circle of water begins to flow towards the enemy. The only problem with this attack is that it is rather slow and allows plenty of time for an enemy to dodge or counterattack.
"Riptide Heal!" - A defensive power, Pisces can heal a wounded comrade by concentrating fiercely on her connection with the ocean and letting it work as a healer. Unfortunately, any healing that the ally receives will be at a damage to Pisces, and she is totally vulnerable to attack while casting this power.
"Posieden's Wrath!" - Her strongest, but most risky, attack. A pool of water collects around her feet, then slowly builds up in strength behind her. As she chants the words, the wave crashes over her, raging towards the enemy. This attack does a lot of damage, but anything in the wave's path, including Pisces herself, is vulnerable to it's wrath.
Any special skills?: Sheila has a sharp mind and a sharper tongue. She's got a cool head and can generally keep calm during a crisis. She has a lot of animal empathy- animals seem to like her more than other people and she can handle most animals well.

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