Sailor Orion

Element: Light
Real Name: Sogeki Hoshi
Age: 16
DOB: 7/1/84
Zodiac: Cancer
Fav. Day of Week: Friday
Blood Type: O
Fav. Animal: Kittens
Fav. Color: Navy
Fav. Gem: Ruby
Fav. Food: Cucumber sushi
Least Fav. Food: Seafood
Fav. Subject: Phys. Ed
Least Fav. Subject: Math
Excells at: Playing volleyball
Dislikes: Snobby people
Has Trouble With: Her mother
Dream: To be an Olympic volleyball player
Color Aura: Dark Blue
Background: Sogeki used to live in Hawaii, and enjoyed it there very much. Her mother, however, hated the constant rain and heat, so she decided to move to LA. Sogeki was saddened because, among other things, she had become very fond of volleyball while staying in Hawaii, and a great player too. She used to play on the beach all the time with all her friends, and the thought of leaving her life there behind made her very depressed. Ever since then, Sogeki hasn't gotten along very well with her mother. She has no siblings, and her father passed away a month after she was born. Her life hasn't been all too happy since the move.
Personality: She's really a nice person all together. With her mother, she isn't as friendly, but to other people, she's kind. She's very loyal to her friends, and will give everything for them. The only person she will ever raise her voice to is, unfortunately, her mother. But besides that, she's a very cheerful person. Surprisingly, never hyper.
Shooting Star Flash!: She points her hand at the youma, and an extremely bright light comes from her palm. It blinds the enemy, allowing her to use physical attacks on it.
Orion's Hunting Spear!: A navy spear is created, and it stabs into the enemy's stomach.
Star Shower!: She raises her hand above her head, and the hand starts to glow a bright yellow color. Stars from above come down, striking the enemy.
Any special skills?:She kicks butt in volleyball!

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