Sailor Nova

Super Sailor Nova Element: Thought
Real Name: Mika Astron
Age: 18
DOB: August 27, 1984
Zodiac: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'3"
Fav. Day Of The Week: Thursday
Fav. Animal: Panther
Fav. Color: Fuschia
Fav. Gem: Amethyst
Fav. Food: Friendship milkshakes (coffee, Oreos, choc syrup)
Least Fav Food: Meatloaf
Fav. Subject: Calculus
Least Fav Subject: History
Excells at:Being physically flexible, endurance swimming, singing, math, science, making decisions, getting pissed off, being curious
Dislikes/Has Trouble with: Accepting that someone can be better than she is, admitting she's wrong, talking to people she doesn't know, suppressing her curiosity
Hobbie: Water sports, drinking coffee, not sleeping, cooking, creeping out the preps at school
Dream: To play Eponine in a musical production of Les Miserables
Color Aura: Purple
Background: Growing up as an only child in L.A., Mika rarely had any friends. There was really nothing remarkable about her average, middle-class family. So they'll get left out. During a school renaissance festival her freshman year at Hentai, Lady Panthra, a spirit who had been lying dormant in her body for several years woke from her slumber. Because she was housing two souls in one body, she gave off the impression of having multiple personalities. Eventually, it got to the point where no one could tell which personality was dominant anymore. Because she was so stubborn, in an attempt to assert her dominance, she used her own attack, Mind Blast, on herself. While this successfully expelled Panthra from her mind, it left her in a state of severe shock. She has since recovered and has recently been released from the psychiatric ward at the hospital, but has missed at least a year of school because of this incident. Personality: Mika is very stubborn and is often angry at someone for something or other. While she doesn't act very sociable, people sort of hang around her anyway. Not that she minds. She acts like she hates most everyone, but actually enjoys the company of others. She doesn't ever pretend to be nice to people she doesn't like, which has earned her a reputation for being an antisocial bitch. She also has an overwhelming curiosity, which sometimes drives her to do... unwise things.
Nova Power: Against a violet background, Nova traces a circle of light horizontally around her body which flares brilliantly. When the light fades, Sailor Nova is left standing, her legs shoulder-width apart. The fingers on both her hand outstretched, her left arm fully extended, and her right hand just inside her left shoulder.
Ultrajayd Metaphysical Psyche: Starting the same as her first henshin, but instead, when the light fades, she is standing with her legs together and her arms outstretched at her sides. She is wearing the dress portion of her fuku. From opposite sides, a pair of fans circle around her in highly-eccentric ellipses, tearing her dress in three places. She catches the fans, brings them around to the front of her body and holds them there as her boots and gloves materialize. She then snaps the left fan shut, and lifts the right one over her head.
Psiwave - A concentrated beam of thought energy focused on the enemy's forehead.
Psishock - A more powerful form of psiwave, except can hit multiple targets
Mind Blast - Nova expends some of her mental energy in a generally uncontrolled burst. The effects of this attack vary from target to target, depending on how each individual deals with an invasion of his or her thoughts, but usually it's virtually ineffective.
Any special skills?: People say she's psychic, but she's actually just good at judging what other people are thinking based on their facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.

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