Sailor Nephthys

Element: Thought and energy
Real Name: Niabi Orlana
Age: 18
DOB: May 18, 1984
Zodiac: Taurus
Fav. Day of Week: Wednesday
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'5"
Fav. Animal: Blue whale
Fav. Color: Black
Fav. Gem: Black pearl
Fav. Food: Maktak
Least Fav. Food: Brazil nuts
Fav. Subject: History
Least Fav. Subject: French
Excells at: Keeping a level head in emergencies, dealing with grief, and (when she has a mind to) making others suffer
Dislikes: Arrogant, ignorant people in general, but has a shorter fuse if they're Christian.
Has Trouble With: Keeping her temper around arrogant, ignorant people.
Dream: To transcend the Grand Design, and view the workings of the universe as a god.
Color Aura: Black
Background: The most powerful warrior of the original Golden Millennium Sailors, Nephthys was the only one aware of the real reason behind the Iron Millennium's initial buildup of military power, and left to join them in the fight against the demon Kesuro. She was slain in direct combat with Kesuro, and lost all chance of being reborn in her original state, as her starseed was damaged and its power sealed by Kesuro. Nonetheless, she managed to weaken Kesuro just enough for the Iron Millennium Sailors to destroy him. However, this was not the story that returned to the Golden Millennium. The word was that the Iron Millennium soldiers had killed her; thus began the war in which the remaining original Golden Millennium Sailors, Titan, Muse, and Echo, lost their lives.
Personality: Niabi wants to attend Harvard, and become a great psychologist; she also studies the processes of the brain on the electrochemical level, hoping that some day enough data will be gained and classified to create an artificial consciousness - an A.I. indistinguishable in its processes from the human mind.
Nephthys Power: Says her stereotypical henshin phrase, and begins to glow white. A cluster of purplish-white orchids spin around her, and the glow fades, revealing Nephthys in her fuku.
Machina Dei Cantat: As she says this henshin phrase, her surroundings fade to blackness, and the written form of the Tree of Life appears behind her. Her body fades to black as the Tree of Life begins to glow, that glow driving the blackness away behind her. Her silhouette again acquires detail, revealing her in her fuku. The light behind her condenses, again exposing her surroundings, and takes the shape of her hammer. She grasps the hilt of the hammer, and the light sparks off in a circle.
Oblivion Smack: Nephthys gathers power in her hammer, and a pair of black batwings comprised of pure energy spread from it. She smites the opponent, inflicting moderate to heavy damage, depending on the opponent's defense.
Deus' Wings: The name actually covers several techniques used for the distortion of time and/or space. Using it, Nephthys can slow time, or bend space, or both.
Rapture: Four wings of energy rise from the ground around the opponent. A massive energy charge is conducted between them, then channeled into the opponent's position, resulting in a massive, vertical, cross-shaped flare of energy.
Any special skills?: Niabi has natural talent of a psychiatrical sort, and is good at helping others resolve their problems (though not necessarily at resolving her own -- she's a bit of a hypocrite). Oh, and Nephthys's hammer is named Metatron.

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