Soldier: SailorMoon *Excuse me, but we clearly said NO EXISTING SENSHI. Element: ALL *If you're going to rip off a character, at least get the element right.... Sailor Moon's element is *purity.* Real Name: Melissa *Ex....cuse me? Presumably we have a wannabe here.... Age: 10 *Definitely a cheap wannabe. >>DOB: ???? ~And a moronic one, as it doesn't seem to know its own birthday. >>Zodiac: Tarus ~It knows its zodiac sign but not its birthday......o......kay..... Fav. Day of Week: Friday Blood Type: ??? Fav. Animal: Cheetah Fav. Color: Green&Pink Fav. Gem: Emrald ~Oh, now it's ripping off Jupiter..... Fav. Food: IceCream Least Fav. Food: Carrots Fav. Subject: HomeEconomics *Ah, a prep I take it? ::grins evilly, eyes sparkle in the light of her flamethrower:: ~Only preps like home economics..... Least Fav. Subject: Math&English Excells at: Acting like SailorMoon *Ah, so you _are_ a wannabe.... pathetic.... ~At least it's an admitted wannabe..... Dislikes: Mean People *Then you shouldn't have applied, sister. We eat preps like you for breakfast. ~With orange juice on the side. Has Trouble With: i am not sure *Then let me fill you in: INTELLIGENCE. Dream: Bride *Needs to be more than one word. wants to be a bride, or it wants to HAVE a bride? If it's the latter......then we have a 10-year-old lesbian. O_o Color Aura: Blue Background: Moon Kingdom *Which we specifically said was tondemonai. >>Personality: Nice & Kind. cry baby a little *And dumb as a rock. >>Powers (three attacks): >>Moon Spiral Heat Attack *Must not make hentai riff.... must not make hentai riff.... Rainbow Moon Heart Ace Moon Teara Magic *If you're gonna plagiarize an attack, at least spell it right. ~I think that's its plagerizing style: Take pre-existing attack, remove letter. Any special skills?: Singing ~ANOTHER one? >_< How did you find us?: AOL search Why do you want to join?: I love SailorMoon Are you online often?: Yes Anything else?: e-mail me last time you never did! *Maybe because your application SUCKS and we were trying to hold ourselves back from flaming the living crap out of you! What versions of Sailormoon have you seen/read? (NA anime, JPN anime, Manga, etc.): T.V. English Vesion * *cough*Dubbie.*cough* ~Well, at least it admits it..... What other RPG's have you been in? (They don't have to be Sailormoon): My own as SailorMoon *Well, that character can't be used here. Sorry. ~How did it manage not to figure that out?