and Chibi-chibi SIMs


The Mini-SIMs and Chibi-Chibi SIMs (clicking the links will direct you to logs of some actual chibichibi- and mini-SIMs) are stuff we do to just have fun and hang out. They are totally optional. They take place in the Mall Of Doom. Here is the story of the Mall Of Doom...

Queen Metallia's secret quarters in the Negaverse. It was constructed to fit the Queens desires. With Metallia dead, It has bonded with its first visitor, Sailor Drama Queen, to form the Mall of Doom where the team are surprised by youmas in almost every store, such as:
Barbie Store: Barbie Golem
CD Store: The Fanatic
Spencers: Life-size Mecha-Barbara Streisand
Babbages: Cait Sith (from Final Fantasy VII)
The Gap: Um... rude Gap Store, um, Dude
Food Court: Disgruntled Sushi-Man
Sailors seem to disapear in and out of the Mall at random. The only comfort is a regal voice that they heard in the fountain...

This Mini-SIM (as well as Sailor Drama Queen) is *ahem* INSPIRED from Gen13: Magical Drama Queen Roxy by Adam Warren, which is a book EVERYONE should check out and buy!

Chibi-Chibi SIMs only happen when everyones REALLY bored. They're easier to run than minisims, so usually these are what we have when boredom strikes. Chibi-Chibi SIMs are crazy little things that happen with the characters out of "uniform". Here are some examples:

Bad day at Chuck E. Cheese: Lord Zed accidentaly targets the Sailor scouts in LA and transforms one of Cordelia's (Cordelia was a short-lived character owned by Metis) friends (the Chuck E. Cheese mouse) into a sinister creature! She tries to steal some of its energy, and unfortunatly, its energy was to evil for her to contain! The scouts won in the end tho (i forgot how... SO SUE ME!) and the Power Rangers show up in the... wrong time...

Roxy-chan's First Stalker: Roxy finds a love letter in her locker and shows it to all her friends. They make up their mind that its from the goth kid who always stares at her in detention. Unfortunatly, they spend way to much time thinking about it, and they wind up late for class, receiving DETENTION. The Goth Kid continues to stare at her. Meanwhile, outside a demon dressed like an 80's nightmare glares at Roxy and plans an attack to steal her energy which she has spent the day on being repulsed by the Goth Kid. As Emma and Roxy walk home, they get attacked by this horrid creature, which they thought was the Goth Kid. But then they realize all this time it WASNT the Goth Kid cuz he just HAPPENED to be following them around all the time (he didnt see the transformation tho. tee-hee...)! It ended with me copy and pasting the end theme to "Ami No Hatsukoi" much to the dismay of SuperGophe ^_^.

Nurse Kim!: A really fun ChibiChibi SIM! Kim, Emma, and Roxy hang out in the hallways during school. Emma mistakes her Orgy CD for Roxy's Go Soundtrack CD and crushes it! Emma, furious, shoves Roxy into her locker. However, Apollo was still in Roxy's bookbag, and he apparantly doesnt like small, dark places! To quote:

Kim: ::to locker:: Apollo, you're not Japanese...

After smashing open the locker, Roxy was full of kitty scratches. And in need of... NURSE KIM! ::scary music plays::. In defense, Roxy threw Apollo at Kim and Emma and ran off... eh... gomen nasai... I forgot how the rest of that went... ::sweatdrop::

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