Leah Ryan

Leah and Valerie AGE: 17
HAIR: dirty blond
EYES: blue-gray
HEIGHT: 5'5"
DOB: 1 June 1984
ZODIAC: Gemini
FAVE DAY: Saturday
FAVE GEM: crystal
FAVE FOOD: likes 'em all
LEAST FAVE: see above
FAVE SUBJ: history
LEAST FAVE: science
EXCELLS @: being subtle....but w/ Val around, that can be hard; being calm
DISLIKES: cleaning her room
HAS TROUBLE W/: homophobes
DREAM: to run her own business
PERSONALITY: Leah's quiet; she likes observing people before she will approach them. After she gets to know you, and she decides you're a person she'd want to be friends with, she shows you her true self: not as quiet and likes to have fun. She is quite happily dating Val, though every once in a while Leah will flirt with other people (not seriously with guys, slightly serious with girls) to keep Val on her toes. Even so, she gets *very* jealous if Val flirts with anybody (something in of itself is rare). She's also protective of Val. Their relationship is an intricate dance, with the male/female roles constantly switching. Leah has only recently discovered that Val and the others are the L.A. Soldiers, something she's dealing with. She kids about not having powers like the rest of her friends, but she worries about Val when a youma appears. Hearing stories about all the battles the L.A. Soldiers have fought have validated her concerns, but she doesn't let it show so as not to worry Val.
BACKGROUND: Although she's a California native, Leah has a habit of saying "y'all" instead of "you all". Other than that, her life's been pretty normal. Only child of mom and dad, raised to be Roman Catholic. She attended a Catholic high school for a while before transferring to Hentai High.
During the first battle with the Iron Millennium Soldiers, Sailor Nemesis' Stellar Rift attack weakened the dimensional fabric, allowing Kiori's Shadow Rave attack to tear it; nearby objects began to be sucked in. When Valentine was knocked upside the head by Sailor Cyhela, Leah ran over to Valentine to see if she was all right. Unfortunately, a moment later a chair was caught in the rift's vacuum. The chair slammed into Valentine, who was knocked into Leah, and they both went flying into the rift, which was sealed a moment too late by Aurora, Taris, Lycoris, and Kiori. Neither of them have been seen since.
HOBBIES: archery and horseback riding
HOW SHE AND VAL MET: Three weeks before school started for both of them ()beginning of SuperS season(), Leah was riding on a trail when she nearly got ran over by Val on her (galloping) horse. Val quickly came back, apologizing. The two of them got to talking and hit off right away. They spent the remaining time before school started hanging out and getting to know each other. After school started, they would get together on weekends for riding and the occasion archery challenge (loser has to buy the other dinner).
MISC: She has to wear glasses because she's far-sighted and can't see stuff up close.

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