Kiori Kiorani

Element: Uses all equally well, being a Dragon
Age: ?
DOB: July 28, 945
Zodiac: Leo
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: ?
Height: 6'7"
Fav. Animal: Tarsier
Fav. Color: Yellow with purple stripes! ^_^
Fav. Gem: Tiger's Eye
Fav. Food: Sea bass
Least Fav. Food: Celery
Hobbies:Perfecting the art of fire-grilling various meats, researching Summon Monsters
Strong points: Capable of understanding idiots and most of the things they say (except for "Grya famous on Amy," though he claims to have nearly figured it out)
Dislikes: Kitsune, cheaterly one-hit-kill spells, most kinds of soda.
Has Trouble With: People who don't know the difference between a Drake, a Wyvern, and an Amphiptere; tends to be mistaken for the first and last of that set by such people.
Dream: To be part of the negotiation of a lasting peace between the Golden, Silver, and Iron Millenia.
Color Aura: Green
Background: Kiori and his human partner Taris were Lieutenants in the Golden Millenium's First Wyvern Cavalry, and without a doubt the most powerful warriors in their battalion. Born with the ability to manipulate time, Kiori used this ability first to give them an edge in the war against the Iron Millenium. He later put his talent to a nobler use: the destruction of the evil Blue Dragon known as Phoenix Star -- twice over. The second time, he and Taris were aided by the Golden Millenium Sailors, whose help they were at first reluctant to accept -- after all, they were supposed to be keeping them from harm. However, it turned out to be a worthwhile gamble: Phoenix Star was dispatched of almost easily, and no one was seriously harmed.
Personality: Much more sociable than Taris, Kiori is also skilled in the art of soothing over foreign relations. He played a large part in helping to allay the tension between the Golden and Silver Millenia, and had hoped to do the same thing with the Iron Millennium. However, before he had gotten a chance to even propose negotiations of a peace treaty with them, they declared war on the Golden Millenium.
"Dragon Knight Shift!" (Usually shared with Taris) His stripes begin glowing, then spread to form silver plates of armor.
"Demon Heart Omega!" (Usually shared with Taris) As he says this phrase, a red light pours into his eyes from all around the edges; it coalesces in his irises, and turns the whites of his eyes black as it recedes from them. His armor turns black, and a cluster of spikes emerges from the plates on the base of his neck. This is his 'berserker' form.

Most often-used attacks:
Silencer - generates a ball of energy which emits sound waves exactly opposite to those produced by the human voice, effectively stopping the use of most spells and energy attacks. Also disrupts the energy powering the Demon Heart form, dispelling it.
Fire Breath - Kiori spits a spray of white flame.
Croire Crux - Attaches itself to one of his opponent's techniques, usually the most powerful ones; whenever they use it on him, damage equal to what the attack inflicts on him is also inflicted on them.
Ketsueki Zan - A cutter attack.
Doomsday - Shoots a massive flare of Darkness elemental energy at the opponent.
Demon Heart attacks:
Maelstrom - reduces opponent's strength by 90%, blocks casting of any Croire Crux'd attacks, and often causes temporary blindness in the target.
Cosmic Breath - the Holy equivalent of Taris's Ragnarok Fang.
White Star - An attack that utilizes the power of the Demon Heart's characteristic berserk rage; too many of these in a stretch, however, will exhaust the emotional reserves necessary to maintain the Demon Heart.
Mind Break - Paralyzes one target with fear, then causes them to experience violent seizures.

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