soldier = Sailor DreamWings
We already have a senshi with "Dream" in the name.
element = All Elements
That's either vaguely moderish or.... O_o ripped off my profile.... Nah, maybe I'm just being paranoid.
realname = Sakura alleu
So is she supposed to be Japanese or French? Or is that "alleu" thing even a last name?
age = 16
dob =
ANOTHER one that doesn't know its own birth date! What is WRONG with these people?
zodiac = Sagetarius
As opposed to *Sagittarius.*
blood = O
favanimal = Unicorns, Pegasus
Maybe I'm reading into this a bit, but that could have easily been ripped off of Chibi-Usa.
If I hadn't read the rest of the app. already, I would disagree, but seeing how much the rest of it rips off other characters.......
favcolor = Rainbow
And all its political implications.
favgem = Opal
favfood = Crab Legs
lfavfood = Anchovies
favsubj = Home Ec.
Not another prep.... Ah well.... ::lugs out flamethrower::
lfavsubj = Math
Math is hard! ::giggles inanely::
excell = Archery, Swimming, Swordfighting, and Magick
We already have an archery expert, and..... whoa, excuse me?! Now you're ripping off MY character! Lady Silvabane will not take such things lightly! ::pulls out bigger flamethrower and Muramasa::
Eep.....::ducks and covers::
dislike = Wasting time doing useless stuff
Like writing this application?
So it obviously can't dislike useless stuff TOO much....
hastrouble = People pissing her off
Heh heh.... But that's what we're here to do to idiots like you.
After all, you deserve it.
dream = To one day go back home
aura = Rainbow
Again, watch out for those pesky political implications.....
Henshin = Sakura raises hand and yells DREAM POWER! a rainbow light surrounds her middle and the body part forms
"the body part forms"? are we missing body parts here? eww....
then she raises her arms behind her like wings and her gloves form. finally, sakura does a backflip and lands with her feet in the same position as sailor moon in the s series, but her hands are saturn's position.
Excuse me, the "NO RIPOFFS OF PREEXISTING SENSHI" thing applies to the henshin as well.
How sickening.
secondhenshin = A stick that looks like pluto's but is a rainbow heart on top with white wings, and on the bottom has white rainbow ribbon. sakura raises her henshin above her head,and yells: DREAM WING!!!! as soon as sakura says this, a pegasus/unicorn flies down and lifts sakura in the air. when she is up about 500 feet,
...she falls to her death? Oh please, oh please...
she yells TRANSFORM and jumps off the horse's back.
Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!...
After sakura jumps off of the horse's back, wings form
...dammit. I guess wings mean she lives...
from rainbow ribbons and forms her body part, feathers surround her legs and produce her boots.
'Produce'? That's an interesting way to put it. And might I ask just which body part is getting formed?
she finnally spins very fast and the rest of her fuku forms. she lands in a brite rainbow shower of stars.
And breaks both her legs.
..."brite"? ::gags::
background = a dark blue bkgrnd with gold stars spinning everywhere.
Not another of those idiots who thought we meant color background during henshin..... this is almost a cliche.
Is that worded unclearly or something? Because it's a really common mistake.
personality = Sakura is very fun to be around, especially when cooking. she usually has a calm nature, but can easily be riled up.
Then how can you call her 'calm'?
attacks = Star Dream Shooter!- as sakura yells this, a Rainbow Sniper(like mars) forms at her hands and then she says one of these:
The number and extent of your ripoffs are sickening....
Earth blast- a blast of earth and rocks form at the opponent's feet, making them unable to move
That's a bit moderish.
And a bit lame.
Sky Strike- clouds wrap themselves around the enimy and sufocates them
Excuse me? Is that an instant-kill? MODER! MODER! MODER!
Did somebody say moder? ::runs up and stamps a big 'M' on applicant's forehead::
Fire Bane Swirl- swirls of fire engulf the enimy
"Enimy"? What is that supposed to be?
Dream Nightmare Awaken!- as she says this, a white ball of the enemy's worst nightmares hurtles out of her hands, scaring the enemy to death
MODER! MODER! MODER! Instant kill attacks are not allowed, simply because they're incredibly cheap, and they may interfere with the plotline I've set out.
Not to mention that would piss off the other people in the SIM because they wouldn't get a chance...
special = when the time comes to fighting, sakura finds the best way to handel the situation. Also being the practioner of magick, sakura can find out when and where the enimy will attack and so on.
Now that's definitely moderish... what's the fun of RPing with someone whose character is invincible? It defeats the entire purpose. Furthermore, it sounds like you just expect me to hand over control of the entire SIM to you. Well, I've got news for you: Nothing doing, bitch. If I did something like that, I can tell it'd fall apart in no time.
howfind = Just found you while looking for rpg's
whyjoin = Because i think playing your own senshi would be the funnest thing to do on AOL!
Funner that flaming idiots like yourself? Of course not.
onlineoften = Yes
Oh, really? I've added your screenname to my "People to Scare" list (If I get a bad app, that's what I do; the screennames of the people with decent apps go on my "Prospectives" list), and I've yet to see you on.
Not to mention you can't seem to decide whether to be on or off...
email = marissa58
miscellaneous =
SMversions = dub anime, pocket magna by mixx
*cough*Dubbie.*cough*.... Excuse me? "Magna"? It's a frigging Japanese comic book, not a treatise designed to limit the power that can be exercised by the king.
other = final fantasy, a sailor moon story( not online anymore)