soldier = Sailor Crystal
element = Ice
realname = Janet (goes by Jai)
Last name?
age = 13
dob = 9.13.88
zodiac = Virgo
favday = Friday
blood = A
favanimal = dog
favcolor = baby blue
favgem = sapphire
favfood = seafood alfredo
lfavfood = fish
Uh, your favorite food is *seafood* but you don't like fish?
In the land of the idiots, anything is possible.
favsubj = p.e.
lfavsubj = math
excell = sports, surfing, swimming, singing, and martial arts
Surfing and swimming *are* sports...
dislike = studing and "going out"
What are you, a nun?
hastrouble = Fire and being reminded of her past
Heh heh heh.... ::pulls out flamethrower::
dream = To have her parents back alive
aura = baby blue
Henshin = Crystal Star Power!
secondhenshin = Ice Sapphire Surplax!
Description? And what the hell does "Surplax" mean? Is it some kind of laxative?
background = Her parents come from Korea but she was born in LA. She is acts barely like a Korean though, since she lived in LA all her life. Her mother died when she was born and her dad was shot on his way back from work by a gang member. She learned to be an adult and act like one, although very young, she really never got to see what "fun" was...
Okay, that was stupid.... On to the next section.
personality = Sweet, easily hurt, mostly sad (thinking about her parents), calm(almost always), fun to be around, daring, and loyal to friends.
If she doesn't know what * fun* is, how can she be *fun to be around*?
If she doesn't know what fun is, how would she even KNOW if she's fun to be around?
attacks = 1)"Crystal Ice...beam!" (a ice beam which make her opponent freeze)
Need a better description than that....
2)Telekinisis~ *Her ice blue eyes glow and she moves thing around with her min* ex: the fridge opened, a soda came out, the fridge shut and the soda floated to the desk shes sitting on
Abuse of powers.... And she's psychic?! ::growls:: We've already *got* psychics! Too many of them, in fact!
ex2: her eyes glow focusing on an enemy, he/she flies into a wall knocking then unconcious
Now that's just a bit moderish...
Not to mention moronic.
3)Freezing time~ *She puts her hands up in the air and everything around her stops (times freezes)*
1) What's the point of that and 2) What's the deal with the asterisks?
It wants to be special..
special = Can senses danger and mastered all martials arts
As opposed to being able to *sense* danger and being a master of *martial* arts...
howfind = Was looking for RPG in AOL
whyjoin = I like RPGing
onlineoften = Yes
email = wvcrystalvw
SMversions = How it all beings untill it repeats itself, and 4 movies
Uh.... bakago wo hanashimasen.
WTF is it trying to say, anyway?
other = Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and others that i can't think of now
Well, don't bother taxing your shallow mental reserves, as we don't give a shit.