Sailor Charon

Super Sailor Charon Element: Darkness/Void; Stars
Real Name: Saira (pronounced SE-ra) Mitchell
Age: 17
DOB: November 7, 1984
Zodiac: Scorpio
Fav. Day of Week: Saturday
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'8"
Fav. Animal: Wolf
Fav. Color: Black
Fav. Gem: Garnet; Opal
Fav. Food: Chocolate, preferably in combination with chai. Caffeinated things in general.
Least Fav. Food: Pretty much any fast food (except for fries, and sandwiches from Subway)
Fav. Subject: World History; Ethics.
Least Fav. Subject: Chemistry
Excells at: Pissing people off, playing electric guitar and singing (she's in a band), drawing and writing to some extent, wreaking havoc, getting kicked out of coffeeshops and other business establishments.
Dislikes: Hot weather, preps, idiots, small children, hypocrites, dogs, people who are too serious, organized religion (particularly Christianity).
Has Trouble With: Giving speeches, not murdering preps whenever she spots them, understanding Lycoris and the others when they start speaking Japanese, closed-minded people, and controlling her rather spastic emotions.
Hobbies: Being caffeinated (and getting more caffeinated), glomping Gavin, playing guitar, writing, drawing, terrorizing the ecchi coffeeshop manager, getting laid (o_o;; well, you asked...), and scaring people.
Dream: A world with no idiots! >)
Color Aura: Burgundy
Background: Born in Michigan, Saira's parents divorced when she was 5. Her father moved to a different area of the state, taking her younger sister Lynn with him; she and her mother kept the house. When she was 10, her mother and she moved to California. They lived in San Francisco for several years, before one of her mother's jobs moved them to L.A. She transferred to Hentai High early in her freshman year after being expelled from her previous school, and has attended school there since. She has barely heard from her father in 7 years; he only contacted them recently to "warn" them of Lynn's arrival.
Saira is a member of a band called Uncharted Dreams, in which she is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. She joined after meeting the band's drummer at a bowling alley.
Personality: Able to go from cheerful to murderous in under 5 seconds, Saira is decidedly unpredictable. Generally, though, she's good-natured, a bit cynical, and very fun-loving. She's a bit ditzy, rather clutzy, and not very apt at picking up on subtle comments. Behind all this, she is, however, rather mentally unstable. The large number of traumatic events that tend to accompany her relationship with Gavin/Evanus has led her to extreme fondness for alcohol, as well as anything else mind-altering that she can get ahold of. This leads her to be pretty out-of-it a fair amount of the time. She also veers quite readily towards self-injury when distressed. However, Saira's certainly not stupid -- when not under the influence, she has a rather twisted fondness for getting into theological debates and promptly ripping the other person's argument to shreds. Also falling under the category of "twisted" is her fondness for inflicting pain on people she dislikes, and for the blood that tends to accompany that. She's not good at concealing her emotions at all -- especially anger, which tends to make her get rather violent. Saira also tends to hold grudges for an annoyingly long time...unless the person she's pissed at grovels and/or buys her chai, of course. ^_^
Charon Power!: She shouts the phrase and begins to spin, and maroon and plum-colored ribbons of stars swirl towards her, wrapping her as she spins faster and faster. Suddenly there is a bright explosion of light. It breaks apart into many stars, which swirl away as she finishes a spin, stopping with her left leg in front of her right and her right hand held out in front of her with a glow of burgundy energy in its palm.
Erebos Darkness Flux: She shouts the phrase and tosses the star necklace that serves as her henshin item into the air. It hovers above her, and black and purple ribbons shoot down, wrapping around her. They begin to glow with a burgundy light, and suddenly flare out in places, forming the shape of her fuku. The ribbons fly off her and twist into the shape of her weapon (a long-poled scythe), then glow and shoot outwards, bursting into many stars. Charon, now in senshi form, grabs the staff of her weapon, and the necklace floats down, settling itself back onto her neck.
Black Hole: She raises her arms above her head and says the phrase. Black mist swirls down into a vortex in front of her. This vortex then flies out at the target.
Starfield Scattering: She raises her arms above her head and spins while stars gather above her. Then she stops and brings her hands down and out, sending the stars at the target.
Nova Blaze: She puts her hands out in front of her with palms cupped. A star appears in them, and after a moment gets very large and bright. Suddenly it shoots out from her hands, moving extremely fast towards her target.
Baluz Wall: A shield spell that she can perform, taught to her by Aurora; however, hers is rather weak compared to that of Twilight or Aurora and cannot withstand more than one attack.
When Charon gets particularly enraged, she can also perform a nameless attack involving blasting the enemy with raw energy. This is usually quite effective; however, it also tends to drain her.
Any special skills?: Her combat boots have rather long spikes on the bottom, making her flying kicks doubly effective. She's also quite strong, even when not in senshi form...though a little uncoordinated at times. ^_^;;

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