You have just entered room "The NEW Millenium." OchiroTenshi has entered the room.
OchiroTenshi: ...randomness...YAY!
MSilvabane: ^_^ Hihi!
SmartBlonde3487: Heyhey. ^_^
SlrMeteor: hullo
Moongoon24: "I wanna talk me, I wanna talk I , wanna talk number one oh my me my!"
SlrMeteor: i'm gunna be a little slow tho
Moongoon24: "I like talking about you you you you you you usaully but I wanna talk about ME!"
SmartBlonde3487: Uhm?
SlrMeteor: going back and forth between this and AMERICAN HISTORY!!! NOOO!!
SmartBlonde3487: Ah......
OchiroTenshi:, shuat up.
Moongoon24: "You you you you you you you I wanna talk ME!"
Moongoon24: ^^;;;
OchiroTenshi: I'm doomed to repeat this year...over and over and over...@.@
SmartBlonde3487: What singing....
OchiroTenshi: *HATES H.A*
Moongoon24: *hates XL*
Moongoon24: A really funny song!
SmartBlonde3487: I see....
OchiroTenshi: ...Meka? WHAT are YOU complaining about?!?!?!
Moongoon24: ^^;;;;;;;;
Moongoon24: Hey! We're in high school math! YOU said that! *sweatbead*
SmartBlonde3487: So. NEone got a chibichibisim idea.
SmartBlonde3487: Algebra is hard. Geometry is easy.
Moongoon24: "We talk about the polish on your toes and the run in your hose and god knows we're gonna talk about your clothes!"
SlrMeteor: we blow up the History Department of the school!! FWAHAHAHAHAHA
SmartBlonde3487: Or the science department! ::cackle:: ::pokes her 3-d model of an animal cell::
MSilvabane: Hmm... ChibiSIM idea... ANYONE?
OchiroTenshi: ...foood..*drools slightly*
OchiroTenshi: *has been deprived lately*
OchiroTenshi: some osrt of food convention?
OchiroTenshi: *sort
Moongoon24: I am REALLY starting to get annoyed with Velvet-san. Every time I IM I get NO response!
SmartBlonde3487: We could....ah.....go to the mall of doom. Haven't been there in awhile....
SmartBlonde3487: ::shrugs::
OchiroTenshi: o.o that could be...interesting....
MSilvabane: Noooo! No Mall of Doom!
Moongoon24: Doshite?
OchiroTenshi: .FOOD!!!
SmartBlonde3487: Heh, ok. Well then......::thinks::
Moongoon24: brb peoples. EVIL doggies.
MSilvabane: Hmm...
OchiroTenshi:!!! *shuts up in case she goes and annoys someone*
SmartBlonde3487: We could go to some nice restaurant and wreak havoc....
OchiroTenshi: OKAY!!!!!!!!
MSilvabane: Yeahh!
OchiroTenshi: ^^;;
MSilvabane: ~~ROLL CALL!~~
OchiroTenshi: Shio
MSilvabane: Villains/Host/Lycoris/Aurora (if he's ever around...)
SlrMeteor: Kimmy! ^_^;;
SmartBlonde3487: Saira/Co-host/Logging-person (i hate the way "logger" sounds...)
SmartBlonde3487: ((and 'historian' would be Mina-chan's title))
OchiroTenshi: ((....MONTY PYTHON! *sings* I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day. I cut down trees, I wer high heels, suspenders and a BRAAAAA!!!!!!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((::snickers::))
MSilvabane: ((brb))
SmartBlonde3487: ((AAH!)) MSilvabane has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: ((Where'd the demented smiley come from?!?))
SmartBlonde3487: ((oh....))
OchiroTenshi: ((...umm......*thanks DIOS she has smilies turned off*))
SlrMeteor: ((DIOS!! EVIL MAN!! STOP WATCHING UTENA!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!)) KitsuneFox4918 has entered the room.
Moongoon24: ((YOU STARTED!))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Back!))
OchiroTenshi: ((....DIOS IS BEETER THAN MIKAGE! Or....*shudders* AKIO!!!))
KitsuneFox4918: ~~BEGIN SIM!~~
OchiroTenshi: (( or me? o.O)
SmartBlonde3487: ((if I do action brackets and then mun bubbles, it makes an evil smiley face. >_<))
Moongoon24: ((What are me dooooing?))
SlrMeteor: ((Tsuwabiki rules da other world!! >) ))
SlrMeteor: ((Dios is evil...))
OchiroTenshi: ((
KitsuneFox4918: [[We're at a semi-nice restaurant!]]
KitsuneFox4918: [[Lord only knows why!]]
SmartBlonde3487: ((Heh heh...))
Moongoon24: ((One of us won some "eat free" tickets?))
SlrMeteor: ((I won them in a BEAUTY contest!! <3))
SmartBlonde3487: ((::shrugs:: Something like that.))
OchiroTenshi: ::has ona a nice shirt and slacks, KNOWS Meka will screw this up...somehow:: ((XD!!!!))
OchiroTenshi: ((......o.O;;-))
Moongoon24: Resist...going...crazy....
SlrMeteor: (("I'd like to thank all the little people! I love you all!" <3))
SmartBlonde3487: Why?
SmartBlonde3487: *::to Meka::
OchiroTenshi: she's wearing a skirt. *says simply*
KitsuneFox4918: Aurora): Too much atmosphere for you?
Moongoon24: Cuz I'd rather not get kicked....out...heh heh...lookee at all the pretty dishes....
SlrMeteor: ::Is in a really pretty dress... A short dress tho >)::
OchiroTenshi: ((...o.o.....poor Shio..)) ::holds Meka's arm:: Careful.
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::looks through the menu::
Moongoon24: ::whimpers:: But they are just ASKING for me to break them!!
KitsuneFox4918: L): Hey, they've got brownies...
SlrMeteor: Lobster. . . ::Daydreams::
OchiroTenshi: Meka...*warningly*
SmartBlonde3487: ::is in a black dress, which would look nice/dignified if she wasn't wearing combat boots with it::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): They're probably not as good as Saira's.
OchiroTenshi: ((XD!!!!))
Moongoon24: ::in whinny voice:: Yes sir, right away sir, don't worry sir.
SmartBlonde3487: Hee hee.....::blushes:: Arigato.
OchiroTenshi: ::glowers::
OchiroTenshi: ((....can we say FLIRT...))
SlrMeteor: ::Hearty-Eyes:: <3 <3 :-)
OchiroTenshi: ::sighs, releases arm:: ::browses over menu, eyes go wide, almost drools::
SlrMeteor: *sighs dreamily* Daydreams are the best. . .
Moongoon24: You think they sell cheese burgers and fries?
OchiroTenshi: ::glances at Kim:: Nani?
OchiroTenshi: ::nods happily at Meka:: They doooo!
SmartBlonde3487: Let's see here....::flips through menu:: Inedible, inedible, inedible....hey, calamari anyone? ::makes face::
Moongoon24: They doooooooo? HERE? Cool! ^^
Moongoon24: ::to Shio::*
SmartBlonde3487: They do?
Moongoon24: Or are you just teasing meeeee?
OchiroTenshi: ::is still nodding happily::
SlrMeteor: ::Snaps back to reality:: Oh! Heh heh! I'm just dreaming... About me and you eating lobster in HAWAII!! *Giggles* Maybe come day
SlrMeteor: some*
Moongoon24: On your honey moon with Shio!
OchiroTenshi: ::looks at her:: Meka-hime? Do you KNOW how I feel about fast food? Or burgers of any sort?
Moongoon24: ::to Shio:: Yes dear, I think I do.
SmartBlonde3487: ::keeps going through menu:: Inedible, inedible, inedible.....damn.
OchiroTenshi: ((....DAMMIT! dinner..>.< This was gonna be FUN too..ahh well... Shio...had to go take care of one of his puppies? >.> ja!)) OchiroTenshi has left the room.
Moongoon24: ((Ja ne Manima-chan....LAG! >_<))
SmartBlonde3487: ((argh.....::is working on stuff on the site:: this is SO inane....but it really is helpful...))
Moongoon24: (( one to stop Meka >) )) KitsuneFox4918 has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: ::turns page in menu:: Well, so far none of the entrees sound edible.
SlrMeteor: ((Damn... gomen gomen... I gotta go to... must finish essays..... @#%^! See yas! ^_^)) SlrMeteor has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: ((Well, er....))
Moongoon24: ((*sighs*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Silva-chan should be back.)) KitsuneFox4918 has entered the room.
Moongoon24: ((Why does this always happen? Everyone always goes byebye before we get very far at all!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Well, there's still 3 of us! ::sweatdrop::))
SmartBlonde3487: ((AAAAAAAH!))
Moongoon24: ((You g2g? ^^;;))
KitsuneFox4918: ((And I have MAD MULTIPLE CHARACTER SKILLZ))
SmartBlonde3487: ((no,i can stay, it's just...action things + mun bubbles = evil smiley face))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Heh heh...))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Gah.... Lag.))
Moongoon24: ((Ah. I would like to see what Ami would do if I invited her in. *giggles* She is WAY to weird for the SIMs. Maybe that's why she got rejected ^^;;))
KitsuneFox4918: ((ARRRRGHHH!!!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((ooh. ::finds "disable graphical smileys" option:: yay!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Hm?))
KitsuneFox4918: ((2 FUCKING MINUTES OF LAG!!))
Moongoon24: ((*eeps*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Damn...O_o)) PawPrints3 has entered the room.
KitsuneFox4918: ((yaay!))
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): The buffalo wings sound edible....
SmartBlonde3487: ((Chibichibisim, Nina-chan.))
Pawprints3: ((yees))
SmartBlonde3487: Buffalo wings? Hm....
SmartBlonde3487: ((We're at a semi-nice restaurant.))
Moongoon24: ((*gets ignored by Velvet-san AGAIN* GAH! This is getting annoying dammit!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Velvet-san never seems to answer IMs.....))
Moongoon24: ((NEVER))
Moongoon24: ((Gets very annoying *nodnods*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((I tried an e-mail today. No response yet.))
SmartBlonde3487: I dunno, though. Buffalo wings are kinna messy to eat....
Moongoon24: ::watches the waiters and waitresses go by with large plates:: Hmmmmm....
KitsuneFox4918: ((What kind of restaurant are we in, anyway?))
Moongoon24: ((fancy?))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Ah....your standard semi-upscale, the kind that pretends to be nicer than it is....?))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Okie. In which case, they'd probably have some form of pizza or sandwich...))
SmartBlonde3487: ::turns over menu:: Ah-HA!
SmartBlonde3487: It's the edible section!
Moongoon24: ((On the kids menu! *has tried a couple of times to get away with ordered on the kids menu...failed rather badly*))
Pawprints3: ::looks around::
Pawprints3: ::spots a cute waiter, admires for a moment, then looks back down at menu::
KitsuneFox4918: L): I think I'll just go with a salad...
Moongoon24: ::looks at the edible section:: Slice of pizza. That sounds ok I guess.
Pawprints3: ::salivates:: steak...
SmartBlonde3487: Some sort of sandwich for me, I think.....
SmartBlonde3487: ::looks closer:: A ham and cheese sandwich....for.....$6.99?!?!? What the hell do these people THINK?
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin):
KitsuneFox4918: ((Gahhh!!))
Pawprints3: That they need to put food on the table?
KitsuneFox4918: ((Stoopid send button!))
Moongoon24: ((brb))
Pawprints3: For their families, that is
SmartBlonde3487: ((I hate it when that happens..))
SmartBlonde3487: Yeah, but....$6.99....
Pawprints3: ((That's why you press enter after you type. ^^))
Pawprints3: ((or...wait...))
SmartBlonde3487: ((*crickets chirp*))
Moongoon24: ((phone ^^;;;))
Pawprints3: ((cheep-cheep, cheep-cheep...))
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): And a reuben for $7.99? Geez... ::resettles his pink glasses::
SmartBlonde3487: Ridiculous, ne? ::grins at Gavin::
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): Indeed... ::grins back:: Why don't we go to the slightly less upscale place across the street?
Moongoon24: A DATE!!!
SmartBlonde3487: Sounds good to me.
Moongoon24: ((back ^^;;))
SmartBlonde3487: ::glares at Meka::
Moongoon24: ^^;;;;;
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::gets up:: Well then, shall we?
Pawprints3: ;_;
Pawprints3: i wanted my steak...
Moongoon24: Is this a personal date or can WE go?
Pawprints3: ::gets up reluctantly::
SmartBlonde3487: Sure. ^_^ ::gets up::
SmartBlonde3487: Uhm....
SmartBlonde3487: ((LAG!))
Pawprints3: ::begins to sit down again::
KitsuneFox4918: ::there is a mass migration across the street to the less upscale restaurant::
KitsuneFox4918: ((Gah... me haves lag too. @_@))
SmartBlonde3487: ............
Pawprints3: ((i don't! ^^))
Pawprints3: ((har har har))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Nyah. >:P))
Pawprints3: ((::cower::))
Moongoon24: ((I don't either! ^^))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Anyway, shall we mass-migrate to the less upscale restaurant or no?))
Moongoon24: ((*sweatbeads as papa yells* YOUR BOYFRIEND'S ON THE PHONE BRO-(oops, almost put in real name ^^;;)MEKA!!!))
Pawprints3: ((I say we T.P. Alzirr's house.))
SmartBlonde3487: ((When you said mass-migrate, did that mean all the other patrons as well?))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Nah.))
Pawprints3: ((all in favor of skipping dinner to TP Alzirr's house...^^;;))
Moongoon24: ((LET'S TP ALIZZR'S HOUSE!!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((Oh yes. Let's all go get killed by a demented mass-murderer!))
KitsuneFox4918: ((That'd be kind of hard, since he lives in an apartment. ^_^U))
SmartBlonde3487: ((heh heh...))
Moongoon24: ((Wow, I really killed that name ALZIRR*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((>_<))
Moongoon24: ((YAY!))
Pawprints3: ((i'll bring the keg!))
Moongoon24: ((PARRRRRTY!))
SmartBlonde3487: ((...........))
KitsuneFox4918: ((........__
KitsuneFox4918: ))*
Pawprints3: ((::dances around with Meka::))
Moongoon24: ((*dances* YAYAYAYAYAY! PARTY!))
KitsuneFox4918: [[And now that we're at the other restaurant...]]
Moongoon24: ((awwwwww...))
Pawprints3: ((shot dooooown, meka. ;_;))
Moongoon24: ((*nods* haaaaai...))
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::to Saira:: You know, Rising Star Terrace is going to be developing a cafe soon.
Pawprints3: ::stares at the menu:: no steak
SmartBlonde3487: Really? Cool! ^_^
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): ::nods:: We're under new management.
SmartBlonde3487: Ah....
KitsuneFox4918: L): I didn't hear about this. ;_;
Pawprints3: ::looks around for cute waiters::
Moongoon24: ::looks around:: Oooohhhh...this place isn't so crowded...any one wanna go get a guy? ::evil grin::
SmartBlonde3487: Well, if you need anyone to waitress at the cafe....::winks:: I need a job!
Pawprints3: ooh! me! me!
Pawprints3: ::looks around in a rather predatory way::
Moongoon24: Yay!!
Pawprints3: ::gasps:: there's one!
Moongoon24: We need more then ONE! Find mooooore...
Pawprints3: ::points at a guy sitting at a table all alone with a newspaper::
KitsuneFox4918: L): ::drapes herself decoratively over Aurora:: I've got one.
SmartBlonde3487: ::sweatdrops::
Pawprints3: ::another guy comes to sit down across from the newspaper guy::
Pawprints3: there's two!
Moongoon24: YAY!
SmartBlonde3487: Julia, guys are pathetic. ::scoots a little closer to Gavin::
Pawprints3: kheeee~ ^^
Pawprints3: they're so cute!
Moongoon24: ...Hey Saira! Keep up the flirting! Gavin'll give up some time!
KitsuneFox4918: ((Gah... I gtg.))
Moongoon24: ::turns back to the cute guys and stares happily at them::
SmartBlonde3487: ::deathglares at Meka::
Pawprints3: ::suddenly, the two guys reach across and hold each other's hands, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes::
SmartBlonde3487: ((bye!))
KitsuneFox4918: ((Ja-ne!))
Moongoon24: O.o
Pawprints3: ((byee!))
Pawprints3: O_O;; DAMNIT!
SmartBlonde3487: ::snickers:: There go your dates, guys.
KitsuneFox4918: Gavin): Good thing you didn't flirt with them.
Pawprints3: ::the restaurant goes quiet::
SmartBlonde3487: Heh heh.....
Pawprints3: ::sinks down into chair slightly::
Moongoon24: ::hits head with fist::
SmartBlonde3487: ::points at Julia:: She said it! KitsuneFox4918 has left the room.
SmartBlonde3487: ::All the restaurant patrons stare at Julia::
Moongoon24: Meh...
Pawprints3: ::drums fingers on the table::
Pawprints3: ::looks nervous::
Pawprints3: ::finally snaps:: WELL, IT'S TRUE!
SmartBlonde3487: Gay guys): ::look at Meka and Julia strangely::
Pawprints3: ::the other young women murmur in agreement quietly::
Moongoon24: ^^;;;;;
Moongoon24: Buuuuut, it's so kawaii! *squeals*
SmartBlonde3487: ::sweatdrop::
Moongoon24: Ok Julia, look for more victims...
Pawprints3: ::looks around::
SmartBlonde3487: ::shakes head in disgust::
Moongoon24: Ah c'mon Saira, join us!
Moongoon24: I knoooooow you like Gavin and alllllll, but it's still fun to flirt with other guys! ^^
SmartBlonde3487: I'd rather not make a fool of myself, thank you.
Pawprints3: Hey, there's a nice butt on that one, but I can't see his face. ::points::
Moongoon24: ::sticks out tongue at Saira::
SmartBlonde3487: A nice butt. A NICE BUTT?
Pawprints3: ::nods without breaking her gaze on the guy in question:: Yeah.
SmartBlonde3487: I've never understood the whole "nice butt" thing. I mean, it's a butt. Nothing unique about it. Why would you CARE?
Pawprints3: Because it's nice. ^^
SmartBlonde3487: ...............
Moongoon24: Butt's are very propular in france! *nods*
Moongoon24: ::nods::*
SmartBlonde3487: Uh.....okay.
Moongoon24: popular*
SmartBlonde3487: ((Heh.....butts are very propellar!))
Pawprints3: ::gasp!:: Meka! He's looking this way!
SmartBlonde3487: ((::has mental image of flying butts:: O_o))
Moongoon24: ((*sticks out tongue* evil typo demon)) huh? who what when why where?
Pawprints3: ::point::
SmartBlonde3487: ((eeps, I GTG!
SmartBlonde3487: *))
Moongoon24: ((gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah))
Moongoon24: ((*sighs*))
SmartBlonde3487: ((gomen gomen..))
Pawprints3: ((okey))
SmartBlonde3487: ::huge sweatdrop:: You guys…..are beyond pathetic.
Moongoon24: ~~END SIM! BWAHAHAHA!~~ *got to taste what it feels like to be host*