Cecilio Aurora Zefyrus

Element: Ice and Holy, but has a limited knowledge of others.
Age: Age of his current incarnation: 5
Fav. Color: Silver
Birthday: Jan. 27, 1612; Jan. 30, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Gem: Moonstone
Blood: ?
Height: 6'1"
Education: College and grad school in his previous incarnation; after he regained his human form, he began taking night classes at an L.A. community college.
Fav. Day: Any day there's a full moon; it allows him to tap his maximum power.
Fav. Animal: Wolf (why do you think he incarnated as one?)
Dream: To destroy any who would spoil the fair name of the draconic race.
Dislikes/Has trouble with: Dragons who try to take over the world/universe; idiots
Hobbies: Researching new spells.
Fav. Food: Any good red meat.
Background: The quarter-wyvernic son of Lt. Taris's half-sister (Taris's mother seems to have shared her daughter's taste in males...), and indisputably the most powerful anthropoid magic user in the universe during the 1600s, in time surpassing even his mother's power. He spent the first hundred and fifty years of his life disposing of the lower and for the most part stupid breed of dragon known as Drakes, beginning with those who chose to predate upon humans. Within that time the reputation of his prowess at this spread quite far, eventually reaching the abode of a cleverer-than-usual Blue Dragon called Phoenix Star. Phoenix Star had long intended to conquer the world, and had planned her strategy well; however, she realized that if she did not dispose of Aurora first and foremost, anything else she attempted would be in vain. So she set out to destroy him, and got rather more than she bargained for when Aurora's aunt and uncle, Taris and Kiori, stopped by that section of the timeline on their way to the present. Phoenix Star managed to seal them out of her arena, after being put to a great deal of trouble, and engaged Aurora in a one-on-one battle. It ended in a draw; Aurora was forced to self-destruct in order to kill her. Three hundred and forty-five years later, he was reborn in Los Angeles as Lycoris's familiar.
Personality:Quite serious and down-to-earth, but has recently been cured of some of that by Lycoris and the L.A. Sailors' weirdness. He is slowly learning to take them in stride, and on decreasingly rare occasions, not to be so uptight.
Color Aura: Pale blue.
Excells at: Offensive and support magic, keeping a straight face, putting up with preps.
Physical Description (human form): Long, wavy black hair, indigo dragonstripes, distinctive topaz eyes; medium build.
Dragon Mage Illumination: Aurora is cloaked in a wave of black energy as he shifts into his human form, in which he has stripes like Lycoris's; the stripes (except those on his face) glow, then spread to form plates of black armor. A pair of wings composed of golden energy burst from his back and he spreads his arms wide as his sword appears in front of him. He grabs the hilt, and the wings sweep forward, collapsing in across his body and leaving gold stripes on his armor that correspond to his natural striping.
Antarctic Wind: Ice element damage to all opponents.
Lunar Cry: Calls upon the power of the moon to drastically boost his power and damage the opponent.
Twenty Thousand Stars: The opponent is hit about a couple hundred times, for 200+ points of damage each attack.
Blood Rage Boost: A stronger Boost with a 75% chance of destroying any enchantments on the target.

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