Sailor Aria

Callia...Convention style! Element: Singing; Sleep
Real Name: Callia Thompson
Age: 16
DOB: 1/22
Zodiac: Aquarius
Fav. Day of Week: Friday
Blood Type: A
Fav. Animal: Panda
Fav. Color: White
Fav. Gem: Opal
Fav. Food: Cookie-dough ice cream
Least Fav. Food: Onions
Fav. Subject: Literature
Least Fav. Subject: Algebra
Excells at: Writing, daydreaming
Likes: Young children, animals
Dislikes: Being made fun of, or having pressure put on her
Has Trouble With: Focusing
Dream: To one day become a famous comedy writer, so she can share her laughter with everyone.
Color Aura: White
Background: Just moved to LA from Chesapeake, Virginia. She lives with her mother, father, and sister. Callia is 16 and her sister, Cara, is 10, and can always be seen with her light purple hair in two thick pigtails. Cara always follows her around, which angers Callia.
Personality: Callia is a jokester, and is constantly looking for the humor in things. She has a bright, cheerful personality, but on the other hand is also very sarcastic. But in a nice, cheerful way. As Sailor Aria, she is a devoted warrior who would sacrifice anything for her leader.
Aria Power!:Light bursts from the crystal sphere on her necklace and wraps around her body, and she starts spinning. Clouds of mists and rainbows spin around her and more yellow light radiates forward, creating a very nice rainbow effect. Then comes the ever imposing "panty-shot" and the slate blue skirt she's now wearing ruffles in the breeze. She now spins around towardsthe "camera" (Audience, whatever)and is now wearing her slate blue, grey, and white, sleevless sailor outfit, and her blue pumps with straps. She poses with one arm on her hip and one arm outstretched to the side, with the foot on the side of the outstretched arm tilted.
Vega Rainbow Mists!: She begins spinning as rainbow ribbons surround her body and rays of light shoot out around her. Callia, now in her fuku, twirls around and holds out her arms. Circles of stars spin around her wrists, moving together to form black, fingerless gloves with dark grey, metallic wrist gauntlets. White rays of light shine from the opal at her neck, and a large crystal ball appears next to her, and with a swirl of mist a black staff forms under it, creating the Terentia Staff.
Siren's Wail -- She spins around against a darkish blue background as the breeze ruffles her skirt and hair, and the opal at her neck glows. She then lets out a cry, admitting a stream of sonic waves out of her mouth, which cause the enemy to hold their ears to their hands, either giving the heroine time to do her attack or shattering glass.
Macha Shadows! Attack! -- As she screams Macha Shadows!, two misty shadows come forth from the opal at her neck, and appear infront of her. She points to the target and yells Attack! and the shadows pounce on and restrain the target, leaving it vunerable to other attacks.
Aurorian Slumber -- She reaches her hand up into the air and a white star appears floating apove her palm. She abrubtly spins around and hurls it at the enemy, against a dark blue background with white stars. The star turns into a ball of light which has a misty trail. It bursts on impact, causing the target to fall into a deep slumber.
Any special abilities?: Observing people, writing, and making people laugh, in turn making them feel more comfortable.

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