Sailor Arael

Element: Birds
Real Name: Erika Raleigh
Age: 15
DOB: 5/21/87
Zodiac: Taurus
Fav. Day of Week: Monday
Blood Type: AB-
Height: 5'4"
Fav. Animal: Hummingbird
Fav. Color: Wild Orchid(a dark and exotic purple color)
Fav. Gem: Amber
Fav. Food: Trail Mix!--Erika absolutely loves nuts, seeds, and berries.
Least Fav. Food: Rock Candy.
Fav. Subject: Physical Education
Least Fav. Subject: Art
Excells at: Daring tasks, jumping from incredible heights, piloting a small plane, volleyball, making friends swiftly, parachuting, sailing, and being part of a team.
Dislikes: Paintings, portraits, snakes(she's scared of them..O.o), people that try to take over a group, and those who have a fear of heights.
Has Trouble With: She has trouble understanding the other sides of situations and how others may feel. This is a trouble that many Tauruses have, in general.
Dream: She wishes to become a stunt girl for famous Hollywood the next Jackie-Chan, except a female version.
Color Aura: Light Green
Background: Erika and her family moved from New York City just about a year ago ever since the World Trade Center event had occurred. Though she misses her hometown, she thinks she is better off settling in Los Angeles than having to witness all the grief scarred on those families who had lost their friends and other family members. But, the primary reason the Raleighs moved was because Mr. Keaton Raleigh, Erika’s easy-going father, had signed a few contracts to direct some hit movies in LA, which would make Mr. Raleigh’s career an explicit success. Because of fact that he didn’t want to see his entire family growing up without him, he decided to purchase an elegant, three-story beauty out in LA for the family right after the World Trade Disaster occurred, realizing Erika and her two brothers would feel pain even still living in New York City with his wife, Jena Raleigh. So, Erika has been in LA for almost 10 months and has already found her place between fellow students at Hentai Middle School. Now she is ready for Hentai High, being that she just graduated from eighth grade and hopes to stay in the same clique of friends as she did in Middle School; the sporty, supreme type of clique that every school seems to have. Erika is still getting to know her way around LA and claims that she enjoys the pleasurable city of LA much better than NYC, now…who wouldn’t?
Personality: Coming from a family with an older brother and a younger brother, Erika sure knows how to take care of herself and knows just what sarcastic comebacks to use to those malicious guys at school and anyone who annoys her. Erika is not easily infuriated and more of an easygoing, laid-back type of 'gal. But, if you do irritate her, she will definately go out of her way to embarrass you and tell you to shut up if you pester her, even if it means embarrassing you in front of the entire school. Erika isn't afraid to do anything. Daring is one excellent word to describe this underdeveloped, short babe. Erika takes everything to the extreme. She even goes out of her way to do so seeing that she enjoys making everything look like an intense task. Gutsy activities are also a favorite of hers. She loves to skydive, windsurf, and go parachuting, and would rather do any of these things than whatever else is sorted into her priorities. This lass would do anything daring just to have a little bit of fun. Erika is an extreme gal. Lastly, Erika is exaggeratedly forthcoming and outgoing, willing to become best friends with anybody. She is not afraid to approach anyone nor is she afraid to admit that she doesn't exactly like somebody. Erika introduces herself to everyone and tries to see if they're interested in being buds or not. She has a huge ego and knows that she is something unique, something special. Which, she really is. Shes an athlete, an extremist, has lots of character, and is spiffy, as others describe her. Erika's a straightforward wild child for sure.
"“Arael Bird Power! Convert!” Suddenly, feathers gather and surround her as she is brought up into the sky. The background is transparent and looks like a rainforest with lots of vegetation. The feathers fall onto the center of her back, creating long, feathery wings that wrap around her waist, creating he majestic skirt. Bending her knees, Sailor Arael’s lacy, loose sandals come on that have vine-like lace on them begin to crisscross themselves up until they reach her knees. The camera then shows birds covering her soft skin then some of them fall off of her legs and show her miniscule, revealing wrap appear on her, it slowly waves in the breeze much like a flag, revealing her short-shorts (or more like panties. XD;) made of soft, white feathers underneath. As the camera slowly moves upwards, we see her bust sheltered by little teeny-tiny, multihued feathers that make up her bra-like top. Between her bust lies an apple green, oval gem that is about the size of a watch face. As Sailor Arael touches it, spectrums of light quickly come out and overlap each other, creating her bow made of exotic bird plumes. The camera then shows her entire body and she does a tribal dance, making her jewelry appear on her. Finally, two peacock feathers grow out behind each ear and her symbol glitters on her forehead; the symbol of a feather. She suddenly jumps and lands, ready to strike her pose. She has one hand just spread out like a 180-degree angle with her index finger pointing and the other hand on her hip that is covered in a silk wrap and feathers.
"Mooi Voël Vleuel! Liefhê Muurbal!!": With her pouty lips, she speaks these ancient words in an eerie voice (This is a phrase about the beauty of birds..If you couldn't tell, so, yes, it is relevant. ;D). Birds fly past her all at different speeds and one from the crowd suddenly charges at her, making her fuku glisten and glimmer, and then, finally, turn opaque. As she twirls, a canary falls onto her cheek, making one symbol appear as a parrot glides his tailfeathers onto her other cheek, creating another symbol. Finally, she flutters her eyelids shut and her eyelashes turn feathery and wild orchid-colored sparkles go over her eyelids. Two snow white doves land on her forehead and crisscross their wings, at last they fly away with all the other birds, creating her majestic symbol on her forehead. Then she spins and her wings begin to appear...she does a handstand with one hand, still keeping her right hand in a 180-degree angle and pointing with her index finger.
“Fluttering Wings!” - Tiny, crystal-like wings of a multitude of colors collide and wrap themselves around her rapidly and wait for her command. She points with her index finger to the enemy as the viciously clobber the enemy with their prickly, glass wings.
“Plume…Possession!” - Plucking a feather from her set of wings on back she gently clutches onto it and brushes it against her symbols on her face, making them glow a vivid apple-green color. Suddenly, beams of glowing light from each symbol join together and turn into a ring of light, protecting Sailor Arael from the enemy for a few minutes. As the seconds go by, the light becomes shadowy and the transparent-green shield weakens. Sailor Arael can only protect herself from the enemy when using this defense attack.
“Attack of the Birds” - Sailor Arael grasps the silver whistle dangling from a blossoming vine around her neck and blows it wildly. Suddenly, from all viewpoints, various types of birds charmingly appear and swoop down onto the enemy, covering him/her. As they cover them, they drain their strength. As a few seconds pass, they flurry past Sailor Arael and disappear into the distance. And she feels completely revived since the strength drained from the scoundrel was given to her.
Any special skills?: Erika catches on very easily in sports and other activities and excells greatly in them. She has a lot of strength and knows how to use her sarcasm techniques that she inherited from having two nosy, annoying brothers. Miss Erika also is very fond of heights; remember, she loves gutsy activities.

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